Classic Suit Accessories

Wearing a suit will make you realize how classy you look. Soon, you’ll find yourself on many more occasions that need formal wear. 

If you want to reinforce your look more, here are 6 classic suit accessories that you’ll need:

Lapel Pin

This ornamental piece is inserted usually around the front collar or lining. It is more decorative rather than functional. It can also be used as a representation. 

You’d want to wear it on most occasions, especially when promoting advocacy.

Tie Clip

A tie clip is a piece of metal that is attached to your tie so that it won’t flap around. It may be a small piece, but it will keep your mid-section looking snappy and intact. It’s best worn on most occasions, except when wearing a 3-piece suit.


Cufflinks seem a bit rare nowadays since a few influential men opt to wear them. They are ornamental pieces attached to button holes found at the inner shirt’s cuffs. The main purpose is to provide a striking style. 

Pocket Square

A pocket square is a small handkerchief, usually made from silk or cotton, that is inserted neatly at the front chest pocket of the suit. 

Dress Watch

A dress watch is simply a watch meant to be worn with a suit. It has fewer features than most expensive watches. It comes in a leather strap and just a dial only. 


They may not be visible when the suit jacket or blazer is worn, but they are really functional. Technically, they are substituted for belts that help in keeping the trousers suspended.