Welcome to Man Made, the next stage of the conventional men’s magazine, committed to classiness, a smart lifestyle, and self-worth. We believe that a man must invest in quality in order to preserve or elevate his outlook. 

A Brief History 

It all started with a certain realization one day. There seemed to be a lack of informative content that focus on men’s style and improvement at that time. After evaluating the projected audience, we decided to establish Man Made. 

Contrary to most lifestyle platforms, we cater to multiple demographics, from young adults to men in their senior years. 

Team of Experts

Our content is not only well-written but also kept fresh, relevant, and sensitive to the times. Each of our expert journalists has a specific niche that makes sophisticated content rather than testosterone-inducing. 

We have experts in style and grooming from different parts of the globe and consultants for health and wellness.


Our focus is to enrich the value among men by helping them have a better style, improved wellness, and enriched mindset. We carefully put content that is practical and appropriate for the times. Any feedback is always welcomed. 

Feel free to contact us anytime.