Worst Men’s Haircuts

No one likes a bad haircut. Even if a man’s hair is usually cut short and can be recovered for months, there is still plenty of time to suffer from embarrassment. Here are the worst men’s haircuts that you must avoid at all costs:


We are not in the 80s anymore. Mullets may look hot based on the old posters of your uncle’s favorite musicians, but you will look ridiculous if you sport one today. 

Comb Over

Did you know that Donald Trump’s look is only as good as his comb over? If you still have a healthy hairline, it is best not to opt for this fallacious and high-maintenance haircut. 

Bowl Cut

Have you seen Moe from the Three Stooges or Jim Carrey’s character in the movie Dumb and Dumber? There’s a reason why both of them are funny on the get-go: their awful bowl-cut hair. 

Emo Fringe

The emo stage is not complete without that unforgettable emo fringe. Some look good with it but most people don’t. Moreover, how impractical it is to have a haircut that must cover the eyes always. 

Overly Manicured Fades

Fades can make you appear sharp. However, if you are not serving in the military, fades must not be overly manicured. It looks like you’ve been pranked hard by making you look cartoonish. 


Justin Timberlake may have pulled this haircut off but you are not Justin Timberlake. Having spiked hair is time-consuming to prepare, takes skill to get good results, and can be a hazard with those points. 

Top Knot

If you are a fan of the samurais, you must take note that the top knot hairstyle is a cultural decision with many deeper meanings. So, unless you are a real samurai or from a heritage that uses the top knot, then there’s no reason to sport such an unusual haircut. 


There are no words to describe it positively. Blowout haircut will make you a living joke, like those reality TV stars in the 2000s.