Best Men’s Fragrances 2022

Aside from the clothes and the haircut, what completes the ensemble for men is the fragrance. It is always been a protocol to smell as good as you look. 2022 has offered some of the newest and most sought-after perfumes in the market today. 

Here are some of them that are considered the best:

Platinum 22 By Floris London

Platinum 22 serves well for both the royals and the commoners. It has a blend of various woods and amber. 

D By Diesel

The ingredients include lavender and vanilla, both of which work well in achieving a balance in that sweet smell. 

Voodoo Chile By Dries Van Noten

This fragrance draws from a mixture of cannabis haze, patchouli, and multiple fragrant leaves. It is named after a famous song by Jimi Hendrix. 


Argentum is all about storytelling and with each of the alcohol-free options, there is a matching silver, coin-sized pendant included.

Jo Malone Cologne Intense

The intense cologne collection of Jo Malone comes in colored bottles. It is a fresh take from the usual hallmark black. 

No.007 By Floris London

Another item on the list by Floris London, this perfume is a tribute to the 60th anniversary since Dr. No hit the theaters. No.007 aims to make you appear smooth like its inspiration, James Bond. 

Sea Moss By Sunspel

Sea Moss is the latest addition to the collection of premium brand Sunspel. It exudes a comfortable scent akin to a sea breeze along the coastline.