How to Master the Art of Vaping in Style

Vaping has gone from fringe to fashionable. Nowadays, it’s become a popular trend, so much so that an estimated 55 million people were expected to have vaping products by 2021.

That said, apart from the health advantages that vaping has over traditional cigarettes, it can also enhance your fashion style. Without further ado, here are the tips you can use so you can master the art of vaping in style:

Find a Vape That Defines You

You’ll find a wide range of vape styles to match your preferred fashion sense. Vapes come in various sizes, colors, and patterns, so you’ll surely find one that suits your taste.

If you’re a dedicated vaper, then having multiple pens can be beneficial. You want to treat each vape as a fashion accessory by coordinating colors and sleek designs to enhance your overall look.

On that note, while statement vapes can add fun, remember not to overdo it.

Treat Yourself to the Rich Taste of a Flavorful Smoke

You want to enjoy vaping as a hobby, not just for looks. For this, you want to try tasty flavors to feel relaxed and approachable. Aside from that, always remember that an easy-going smile is your best accessory.

Develop a Unique and Recognizable Style

Before you start using cool vapes as accessories, you want to ensure that your look is already refined.

If you’re unsure about your style, take time to explore and find what makes you look and feel your best. Always remember that whether it’s formal wear or athleisure apparel, any style can be polished with the right approach.

Level Up Your Vaping Game by Learning Awesome Tricks

You might not think of it this way, but stylish vaping can attract attention and even lead to exciting opportunities. Such is the case with the viral vaper Austin Lawrence, likewise known as the Vape God.

Due to his impressive vaping tricks, he received an invitation to Drake’s mansion.

However, vape tricks shouldn’t be limited to parties or online sharing. You can also master a few tricks and execute them effortlessly to showcase your natural coolness. Of course, you want to stay low-key and maintain a suave attitude while practicing.

Practice Vape Etiquette by Being Mindful of Your Surroundings

Mastering the art of vaping in style won’t help if you vape at the wrong place at the wrong time. As much as possible, avoid filling crowded, small rooms with vape fumes.

While vaping is safer than cigarettes, some people may be sensitive to smells. Always remember that not everyone is open to you vaping within their vicinity. Always assess your environment before vaping in public.

Before you do, try to check if there are designated smoking or vaping areas nearby. This way, you can vape in peace without being a hassle to others.

Own Your Vaping Style and Feel Confident About It

Looking good is one thing, but wearing confidence daily is what truly makes you attractive. While cool vaping takes practice, being self-assured will always make you look amazing.

No matter your outfit, confidence will always enhance your appeal.

Keep in mind that a cool vape can give your style a major boost, not to mention it can help you look more confident. By following these tips above, you’ll be able to look cool and stylish while vaping.