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*MenEssentials ME1 Butterfly Twist To Open Safety Razor, Chrome

We’ve spent the last few years at MenEssentials regularly introducing shavers to the world of double edge razors. What became clear to us was that the “holy grail” of making this kind of shaving more accessible to people was to market a quality double edge razor at a price point  low enough that cost would no longer be factor in someone’s decision of whether or not to give wet shaving a try. 

We also wanted to make sure the quality was high enough that an experienced traditional wet shaver would feel comfortable buying this as a gift for someone.

 We’ve also noticed a consistency among new shavers being drawn to the butterfly design. This design generally reminds customers of their father or grandfather's using Gillette razors back in the day. After over a year of looking at various safety razors we finally found what we were looking for...

Introducing the ME1, our first butterfly-mechanic double edge safety razor

Material: Zamak w/Chrome Finish
Overall length: 95mm
Handle length: 85mm
Weight: 70g (for reference the MK-23001/MK23C/Model 180 razor weighs 58g)

Ships with a free 5-pack of Rockwell Razors Double Edge Safety Razors and a MenEssentials Razor Safe!

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