Top 10 Hair Styling Products

Similar to women, men also value hairstyle highly. Usually, men’s haircuts are short and that is why styling products are essential to provide and maintain a certain style. 

The guide below will list the top 10 hair styling products for any type of hair. 

Low-Shine With High-Hold (Retain Hair Shape While Appearing Less Glossy)


Clay contains bentonite that can seemingly increase hair volume in appearance. We recommend the Baxter Of California Clay Pomade for this.


For something with a lighter hold than clay, fiber is a good choice. It can be useful on most casual occasions due to easy restyling.  For this one, we’ll go with American Crew Fiber.

High-Shine With High-Hold (Retain Hair Shape While Appearing More Glossy)

Hair Spray

Hair spray is often chosen due to the balance it brings between volume and hold. Ideally, you’d want to go for Schwarzkopf Got2b Glued.


Gel, which is one of the most affordable and available hairstyle products, provides a strong hold and a healthy shine. For this, go for Bumble and Bumble Sumogel.


Pomade is one of the original hair styling products for men. It provides slick and neat results without drying out. Water-based pomade is highly advisable, and for the brand, go for Malin+Goetz.


For a more pliable alternative to gel, wax is the best choice. You can rework your hair with less difficulty. We recommend getting Hanz De Fuko.

Low-Shine With Low-Hold (Shapes Hair Fairly While Appearing Less Glossy)

Salt Spray

Salt spray is often used on wet hair before applying heavier styling products. This is to absorb grease and deliver a textured appearance. It’s best to go for Murdock London Monmouth on this one.


For moisturizing dry hair while being able to stylize, a cream is the best choice. As for the brand, go for Bumble and Bumble.

High-Shine With Low-Hold (Shapes Hair Fairly While Appearing More Glossy)


A foamy moussed contains chemicals that enhance hair volume and appearance.  Go for Moroccanoil for this one.

Shaping Balm

For hair hydration that can provide that healthy shine, the shaping balm is highly suggested. We’d recommend you pick the Aesop brand.