Develop A Signature Style

Being fashionable and stylish are usually misinterpreted as synonymous. In a deeper sense, style is more of an expression of one’s personality while fashion is a statement of one’s desire to appear as someone. 

That’s why most fashionable men are seen as copycats for what they wear does not represent their selves. It’ll be better if they have signature styles. 

What Does Signature Style Mean?

Similar to a signature that is a unique writing representing your name, a signature style is also something distinctively your own. People identify you with it. 

For example, Elvis Presley is best identified with his signature style which includes a pompadour, an open collar, and bell-bottom jeans. On a darker note, Adolf Hitler has that unusual mustache and haircut, making up his signature style. 

Signature style is not something that’s easily decided. The choice comes from a place where interest and function meet. It is developed through many soul-searching experiences and realizations. 

Trial and error may help a lot but hopefully, it’ll be done in situations wherein mistakes are not embarrassing. Once figured out, it will become gradually become a part of your identity. 

Why Bother Having a Signature Style?

If you are attending occasions where you need to dress to impress, you’ll find that choosing clothes is exhausting. Having a signature style, fortunately, eases up your decision-making in which your options prefer to that part of your identity. In short, the main reason is convenience. 

Choosing a small detail is a good start. You can consider a belt or a hat. You can also utilize your favorite colors as a reference. A signature style doesn’t need to be flashy or flamboyant. As long as it expresses who you are without the desperate need for attention, then it’ll be fine.