Tallow and Steel

Tallow + Steel was founded with one goal: create great performing grooming products using the highest quality organic ingredients.  Tallow-based shave soaps are often regarded as providing the best performance, and Tallow + Steel only uses the highest quality tallow possible. To achieve this, they source suet (beef fat) from local, pasture-raised, 100% grass-fed cattle which have received no hormones or antibiotics, and render the tallow in-house. While others often use fragrance oils and other synthetic fragrance compounds for the cost savings - they don't. As their testing has proven the essential oil to most often be superior in scent, Tallow + Steel uses only essential oils and natural extracts (oils created from the raw plant matter). Their scents are bold and untamed - natural and complex. They were created to provide an experience - to invoke thoughts and memories, or to carry your senses to a far away place

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