Andis Outliner II Trimmer - With Square Blade

by Andis

Andis is the ultimate choice of clippers for barbers all over the world. Compact and crafted with high quality blades, their appliances are renowned for their accuracy and precision. The Andis Outliner II Trimmer consists of a square blade to make it ideal for outlining and fading. Supreme textures can be achieved for the most dapper look, which will ensure clients leave with confidence.

Designed with carbon steel blades, the clipper has a long cutting life so that barbers can receive the fullest performance for maximum value. Includes fine cutting teeth for trimming hairs of all density whether it is hair near the neck, beards, mustaches, and even near the ears. The clipper is also made with a contoured housing for an ergonomic grip and a high-speed motor for efficient work.

This Andis Trimmer is a magnetic motor trimmer for all around outlining, dry shaving, and fading. Made in the USA for superior craftsmanship.