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January 12, 2016

newshavesoapWe all have our old favourites that we keep coming back to time and time again, but sometimes it's fun to keep things new and fresh. This is why we love to add to our selection of shaving soaps at MenEssentials! Check out what's new from a brand you already love, Barrister & Mann, plus a whole new brand, Henri et Victoria.






Barrister & Mann White Label Tallow Shaving Soap - Fireside

barrister and mann fireside

One of the latest shaving soaps from Barrister & Mann is their newest creation " Fireside". Made to smell like you're enjoying a glass of cognac by a roaring fire on a cold winter night. Contains notes of vanilla, cedar oil, lime oil, and of course, cognac.



Henri et Victoria 'Le Marin' Shaving Soap


Imagine going on to the deck of a large yacht, and while coming in you smell a nicely complex marine perfume. It evokes the sea.. luxury, confidence, and refinement. This is Le Marin. It has fresh and light marine notes with uplifting bergamot, rosemary, and a touch of anise with green tea, amberwood and musk.



Barrister & Mann Le Dickens Shaving Soap


Dickens is a special edition holiday shaving soap originally created for Barrister & Mann's very first holiday season. The response to the first two productions was so overwhelmingly positive that they've decided to bring it back for a third run! Perfect for the holidays, but is just as incredible all year round.



Barrister & Mann Latha Shaving Soap - Limon


Citrus (orange and lemon) and rose make for a warm, sweet, fresh, light scent that's great for Summer or really just whenever you want something no-muss, no-fuss.

Henri et Victoria 'La Poire Francaise' Shaving Soap


A sophisticated ripened pear, sweet and mellow, with a hint of flower and a touch of mysterious sweet and smokey guiacwood. A very dessert-like scent, perfect for a light and refreshing shave.



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