How To Care For Your Straight Razor

How To Care For Your Straight Razor

CARERAZORStraight razors are very valuable and delicate, so if you made the investment to shave with a straight razor, you need to protect it. If you own a straight razor, you can’t skip the maintenance - and this goes for both pre and post shave maintenance. If you’re new to the world of traditional straight razor shaving, give this article a read to make sure you’re treating your razor properly!

First of all, straight razors are extremely delicate, so along with proper maintenance, extra care should be taken while handling them. Even dropping your razor once could damage the edge and compromise your shave. Also (and this should be a no brainer), don’t use your straight razor for anything other than shaving! You’ll ruin your blade and could seriously injure yourself.

Stropping your razor before you shave is a good way to ensure the blade is as sharp as possible. If you’ve never shaved with the razor before, it’s a good idea to skip the strop for the first shave so you can get a feel for how it cuts. Once you figure out your ideal sharpness, you can strop accordingly before shaving.

Post shave, it is important to carefully clean and dry your straight razor. Carbon steel will naturally stain and rust, so it’s crucial that the blade is left completely clean and dry after every single shave - proper storage is also helpful here, so always make sure your razor is stored in a well-ventilated space that's around 72°/20°C. After shaving, dip a Q tip or cotton swab in rubbing alcohol, and rub along the blade. Wipe the blade with a clean, dry cloth. Apply a thin coat of mineral oil to the blade, which will help to prevent future rust. Let the blade sit for 10 minutes and wipe excess oil with a clean, dry cloth.

Never use anything abrasive like bleach, detergents or ammonia to clean your razor, as these will damage and deteriorate the blade.

It is important that you pay attention to these rules and follow them with each and every straight razor shave.



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