Hair Styling 101

Hair Styling 101

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Hairstyling can be pretty mystifying, to say the least. The untrained eye may look at the hairstyles available for men and think that they’re all the same: not so! This has been a big year for men’s hair, with more styles than ever making an appearance. Remember the days when every man had either a Caesar cut, or long, scraggly Kurt Cobain style hair? Now there is a huge range of “happy medium” for everyone: undercuts, shoulder length hair, messy-on-purpose, etc, plus the products to help you get there!


I find it rare for a man to admit they blow-dry their hair. But if you do it, you’re certainly not alone. If you aren’t a fan of the natural texture of your hair (i.e.- it looks too wavy or fluffy when it dries naturally), giving a quick blow-dry after a shower is probably the answer. I’ve also known men to tame their curly mane with a quick run with a straightener, but that’s up to you! Just remember: heat styling = damage over time, and damage will eventually lead to unruly hair. Try to keep your heat styling to a minimum, but if that's not an option, find yourself a quality heat protector spray. These sprays shield your hair from the damage caused by heat styling tools, which is particularly beneficial if you use them more often than you probably should (i.e.- every day).

If you have long hair, one option is to wash your hair before bed and let your hair dry naturally overnight. Any chance to reduce heat damage, the better.


From gels, to sprays, to pomades, to waxes, figuring out which product is right for your hair type and style of choice can be difficult. In the end, it all depends on what texture you’re looking for and the level of hold required.

Hairspray tends to provide a solid hold, but doesn’t allow for much movement. Cheaper brands can leave hair flakey and stiff, so it’s a good idea to never skimp when choosing a hairspray.

Pomades come in a variety of finishes and hold strengths, so it may take some trial and error before finding one that’s perfect for you. Have a peek at our article all about pomades to learn more!

Gels have come along way since you were in high school and were using the equivalent of super glue to keep your hair in place. Gels are now softer, providing a less crispy hold. Some even smell delicious!

Waxes are ideal for anyone desiring the slicked 50s look. Also comes in a variety of holds and finishes, but overall tends to be shinier than pomades. If a high shine look is what you're after, apply wax to lightly towel dried hair. This will give you the sleek, glossy 'do you're looking for.

Surf sprays (or salt sprays) are a great way to texturize your hair, leaving it with plenty of movement. Ideal for bed-head looks that are very low maintenance. Just spray, shake, and go!

Happy styling!


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