Best Moustaches Of All Time

Best Moustaches Of All Time

BEST MOUSTACHESHere at MenEssentials, we take facial hair very seriously - which is why we love to pay homage when it's due! Haven't you ever spotted a fabulous moustache and thought to yourself "now that is a work of art"? Well, so have we! For your entertainment (and moustache-related inspirational purposes) we have compiled a list of the most credit-worthy 'staches of all time.





Tom Selleck

TomSelleck (Photo source:

When you have a style of moustache named after you, there's no way you haven't already solidified your place in the Moustache Hall of Fame.



Burt Reynolds

BurtReynolds (Photo source:

Definitely one of the most iconic moustaches of all time, no ifs, ands or buts.




borat (Photo source:

Would this movie have been funny if Borat wasn't rocking an amazing/hysterical moustache? Probably not.



Salvador Dali

SalvadorDali (Photo source:

This is the only man who could pull off such a moustache. But if you want to give him a run for his money, you should try the wax he used himself!



Jamie Hyneman

JamieHyneman (Photo source:

Has MythBusters done an episode investigating what it takes to grow an epic moustache? I consider this myth to be busted.



Jack Layton

JackLayton (Photo source:

A moustache became the symbol for the late politician's entire campaign. Talk about a 'stache that could change the world!



Clark Gable

ClarkGable (Photo source:

I'd consider this a moustache that definitely does make you give a damn (about moustache maintenance, that is).



Ron Burgundy

RonBurgundy (Photo source:

The 'stache that launched a thousand ships. Or, at least a thousand Halloween costume ideas.



Hulk Hogan

hulk-hogan (Photo source:

I've never seen someone so committed to a look! Hulk has been sporting these handlebars since the 70s. Maybe they're the key to a successful wrestling career?



John Waters

JohnWaters (Photo source:

One of the most epic men in the world definitely needs to have an epic moustache. Leave it to John Waters himself to wear the hell out of a pencil moustache.



Frank Zappa

FrankZappa (Photo source:

This moustache is about as legendary as Frank Zappa himself.



Nick Offerman

NickOfferman (Photo source:

Easily the most recognizable moustache these days. And the most impressive. Respect!



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