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Growing the perfect facial hair should be considered an Olympic event. Some men just have the God-given gift of the beard, and these men should be honoured for their contributions in the field of facial hair. Let’s have a look at some of the celebrities who continue to completely rock the beard game, and share in some hair-spiration.


Best “All-Purpose” Beard: Chris Pine

chris pine beard

This is what beards want to be when they grow up. Somehow, Chris Pine manages to completely nail this whole facial hair thing no matter what length he chooses to maintain. Good work, Christopher!


Best Salt & Pepper Beard: George Clooney

george clooney beard (Photo source: DuJour/ GQ)
















What screams “Trust me: I know what I’m talking about” better than a perfectly blended salt and pepper beard? The answer is nothing. And there is no better example of this than George Clooney’s gracefully aging facial hair.



Best Comedic Beard: Zach Galifianakis

zach galifinakis beard (Photo source: Taringa/GQ)
















Beards don’t always have to be so serious. Some actors have built their entire career around their incredible facial hair, including and especially the hilarious Zach Galifianakis. Whether he’s rocking just a moustache, is in full fledge mountain man mode, or is sporting some intricately placed Fruit Loops, a ‘Best Beard’ article would not be complete without paying homage to this man.



Best Scruff: Ryan Gosling

Ryan Gosling beard (Photo source: Minute Buzz/Today)
















Determining the perfect “scruff” length that works for you is a difficult task, but it doesn’t seem to be for Ryan Gosling (big surprise).



Best Beard/No Beard Transformation: Christian Bale

Christian bale beard (Photo source: Huffington Post)
















You’ve got to hand it to a guy who lets such an impressive beard fly under the radar. Typically clean-shaven Christian Bale busts out his crazy impressive beard from time to time, just to shake things up.



Best Lumberjack Beard: Tom Hardy

Tom hardy beard (Photo source: Movie Fan Central/Famous Wiki)
















If you’re able to rock an unruly beard, I say go for it! Tom Hardy clearly lets beard take the wheel, allowing it to grow whatever which way it wants. And you know what? It works!



Wisest Beard: Daniel Day Lewis

Daniel Day Lewis beard (Photo source: Marshall Matlock/Indulgy)
















Arguably the most respected man in Hollywood, he is rarely seen with full-fledged facial hair. But when it makes an appearance, it’s like spotting an enchanted unicorn. Daniel Day Lewis just knows, you know?



Best Beard Grown For a Role: Hugh Jackman

Hugh Jackman beard (Photo source: ImgArcade)
















Excellent performance aside, Hugh Jackman dominated the beard game with that charmingly scruffy “I’ve been shackled for days” beard.



(Honourable mention: Ian McKellen as Gandalf)

Gandalf ian mckellen beard (Photo source: Blastr)
















Just because I don’t think this one is all Ian.



Most Nonchalant Beard: Idris Elba

IDRIS ELBA beard (Photo source: Park Life/Her Campus)
















Growing a beard is hard work, but Idris Elba makes it look easy. His beard has a certain, “What? This? Oh, I woke up like this” quality to it that deserves huge recognition.



Most Badass Facial Hair Of All Time: Nick Offerman

Nick Offerman beard moustache (Photo source: Ad Week/Stand Up Live)
















Known for his serious moustache on Parks and Rec, Nick Offerman is also someone who has managed to build a career around his epic facial hair. But turns out he sometimes changes it up and has a full beard, too. I’m pretty positive if you look up “Manly Man” in the dictionary, you’ll find Nick Offerman’s picture. Keep it up!



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