Wahl 5 Star Barber Combo (Includes Legend Clipper)

by Wahl

The Wahl 5 Star Barber Combo includes both the Premium 5 Star Legend Clipper and Premium 5 Star Hero Trimmer.


  • The ultimate fading clipper with wide range - 0.8 to 2.3mm
  • Extra-powerful V9000 electromagnetic motor which features 50% more power
  • "Crunch" blade technology for a smoother and cleaner cut
  • Bottom blade features longer teeth, combined with the enhanced taper lever making a longer throw for more efficient cutting
  • Adjustable lever varies the taper and texture of the cut without having to change the blade during the cut
  • Ideal for fading and blending


  • Powerful and durable rotary DC motor
  • High precision carbon steel "T" shaped blades for all your styling needs
  • Ability to adjust blades to "zero-overlap" which gives a remarkably close cut
  • Corded operation for uninterrupted power
  • A lightweight and compact design

The Kit also Includes: 8 Clipper Guide Combs, 3 T-Shaped Trimmer Guide Combs, Large Clipper Comb, Clipper Blade Guard, Trimmer Blade Guard, Cleaning Brush, Blade Oil and Storage Case.