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Bison Signature Straight Razor-Carbon Fiber, 8/8 "

The Bison signature Carbon Fiber straight razor was designed and crafted in collaboration with renowned artisan of custom straight razors, Max Sprecher, and is a truly magnificent piece of art.

This signature razor features a full-sized 8/8" 1/4 hollow ground blade indented to last several lifetimes. The blade is forged from 01 carbon steel which has a Rockwell hardness of 63. This gives the blade a hardness that is favorable for honing a sharp and long-lasting cutting edge, giving you the perfect shave.

The handle of the razor is constructed of a ultra high density carbon fiber uni plate, designed to never rot or warp over time. Uni plate is an uncommon form of carbon fiber and has a lustrous appearance reminiscent of wood grain. To compliment this design, the wedge of the razor is made out of a banded faux Ivory recon stone.

The razor has a mass of 75 grams and the density of the carbon fiber scales provides a suitable counter-balance to the full-sized blade. While quite hefty, the razor is well balanced and comfortable to hold in various shaving grips.

Included with the razor is a sleeve made with Horween Chromexcel leather. The sleeve is made in a Jet Top Stitch style to complement the contrasting solid brass pins on the razor.


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