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Andis Styliner II Professional Barber's Trimmer

Andis is a renowned brand among professional barbers everywhere. Renowned for their solid designs and luxurious experience, their trimmers and clippers are coveted items for barbers' stations. The Andis Styliner II Professional Barber's Trimmer is made for outlining and shaping final haircuts. Designed with a T-Blade for trimming necks, beards, mustaches, and edging around the ears. 

Includes a contoured housing with a convenient side switch for traditional tapered looks and fast bulk takedown. Can be used with other detachable type clippers for easy cleaning and proper care. Comes in a Size 3-1/2, which leaves hair 3/8 inch.

Oil blade before every use for proper cleaning. Made in the USA for esteemed refinement. 


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