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Check out some of our Awesome Media Coverage

Check out some of our Awesome Media Coverage

Explore the World of Men's Grooming on the Danforth

Thursday June 6th, 2013

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~ MenEssentials' new retail store offers more than 1,200 unique products ~ TORONTO, June 6, 2013 /CNW/ - This isn't your mother's face cream or your wife's shampoo store. MenEssentials, founded in 2000 in Ottawa, has a new retail store at 412 Danforth Ave., Toronto, offering more than 1,200 unique products, just for men. Just in time for Father's Day, MenEssentials features unique shaving, grooming and skin care products. From prestigious colognes and skin care products by Penhaligon's, Hugh Parsons and Cellmen, to key lime and rose water shaving cream by Queen Charlotte Soaps, MenEssentials caters to every man on practically every budget. Bringing the best of men's skin care to Toronto, MenEssentials is the first Canadian retailer to offer Menaji, skin care and specialty products for men. Other exclusive brands include Floris, a prestigious UK brand, featured in Skyfall, the most recent James Bond movie. MenEssentials is also the first retailer in the GTA to offer the highly demanded slim-cut wallets by Bellroy. "Many products are made from natural ingredients that offer a healthy alternative to commercially available shaving and skin care products," says Seth Harman, Managing Director of MenEssentials and grooming guru. The MenEssentials store is designed with dark hardwood flooring and glass shelves displaying products like flask-shaped fragrance bottles. The store, situated beneath a street top store is every man's "Mancave." "We've created a space where men are able to comfortably shop for products that are designed just for them," says Harman. "MenEssentials is the place where men can not only shop, but also learn about their skin care and grooming." Those outside of Toronto can shop at

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Seth Harman

1 (800) 833-1055


412 Danforth Ave., Toronto

1 (800) 833-1055

Fledgling men'’s cosmetics dotcom signs Canadian distribution agreement with California North

Thursday November 22nd, 2001

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Startup Canadian online retailer,, today announced that it has signed an exclusive agreement to import and distribute California North skincare and fragrances for men in Canada. The agreement includes supplier relationships with 22 stores and spas across the country, and signals an expansion of'’s business from online retail into wholesale distribution. OTTAWA, CANADA. today announced that it has signed an exclusive agreement with cosmetics vendor California North to distribute the company's skincare and fragrance lines for men in Canada. The agreement signals an expansion of's business from online retail into wholesale distribution. "This is the kind of deal dotcom startups dream about," said president, James Whittall. "It puts us in a stronger competitive position for our Internet retail operations and allows us to expand into brick-and-mortar sales without diluting our key strengths, which are marketing and logistics." The agreement announced today includes supplier relationships with 22 stores and spas across Canada. Mr. Whittall expects to triple the California North distribution network within three months. "California North has been available worldwide for almost a decade," Whittall said. "It has a loyal following, particularly among sports enthusiasts, and will sell very well here in Canada." To support the brand, launched a new web site ( that features a business-to-consumer and business-to-business e-commerce system, product information, retail store locator, and password-protected merchant's area with online purchase order and RMA processing. "We'’re very pleased and excited about our new relationship with," said California North president, Jim Miller. " was the first online men'’s cosmetics retailer, and has developed a strong presence in a very short time. We look forward to long and intelligent growth in Canada, and expect the Canadian market to perform well in the coming months." About California North: Based in Sausalito, CA, California North develops contemporary skincare, hair care, sun care, and spa products for men. Designed to deliver a wide range of visible results for grooming, shaving, and dehydrated sensitive skin, California North extends its capabilities with complementary fragrances and botanically enriched air and body sprays. These luxurious requisites are sold worldwide on cruise liners and at fine retail stores, health clubs, spas, salons, and resorts. About Founded in October 2000, was the first online retailer of premium quality skincare, hair care, shave and shower products for men only. The company's pioneering marketing concepts have been featured in major North American newspapers and periodicals, and on nationally syndicated television programs. Chatelaine magazine recently selected as a "Beginner's Choice" site (i.e., an ideal starting point for the uninitiated) in its second annual Essential Web Guide.

Balla Powder is Making New Headlines Across the Nation as it Spreads Smooth Clean Freshness on the Nether-Regions of Men Everywhere

Friday June 2nd, 2006

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The Revolutionary Men’s Talcum Powder, Packaged in a Sexy Four Ounce Black Bottle, is Newly Available in Several High-End Men’s Grooming Centers. Balla Powder LLC launched in May of 2005 and is now being sold in 10 men’s grooming centers across the United States and Canada. Balla Powder is quickly becoming one of the most popular talc powders for men sold in the market place today. “The continued expansion of our retailer community confirms there is demand for Balla Powder and the smooth, dry feeling that it delivers,” says Brodie Patten, Co-Founder of Balla Powder. “Our first year has been very successful. We are very satisfied with the high-end retailers that have agreed to carry Balla Powder over the past 12 months and we look forward to even more growth during our second year.” The company is also working on developing the next generation of Balla Powder. “We have received a lot of great customer feedback over the past year and we take that seriously. Without giving away too many details, let’s just say that the next generation of Balla Powder will include some minor tweaks in packaging and content and may include a couple of different options for our customers,” states Co-Founder Stephanie Augustyniak. Balla Powder is targeting fall for the launch of its new product offering. In addition to applying Balla to the most sensitive of sensitive areas, Balla Powder can be used virtually anywhere on the body. Balla Powder can be purchased online for $15.00 at For more information visit: About Balla Powder, LLC Balla Powder LLC ( was founded in early 2005. The company’s first product is a new line of men’s talcum powder, Balla Powder. The powder is packaged in a modern, black bottle and has a subtle, sexy, masculine fragrance called “Desert Nomad.” The powder can be used anywhere on the body to keep you dry and feeling clean. And as the name hints, there is one specific region of the body for which use is recommended.

Increased Demand For Men's Spa Products and Treatments

Thursday April 3rd, 2003

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California North Experience Growth in the Spa Industry. Men's only spas are opening in US and Canada. The industry sees an increased demand for men's products and treatments.California North Experience Growth in the Spa Industry. SAUSALITO, CA. Men are coming to spas not only in greater numbers, but have offered one of the largest increases in business to spas. Jim Miller, founder and principal of California North, says "“I am seeing an increase in the retail sales of our products after clients have experienced the use of them in treatment. I feel that spas offering the sanctuary clients seek, away from schedules and cell phones, with products clients can understand and easily use at home allow for more retail business."” According to James Whittall, president of MenEssentials in Canada, it's the younger guys that are driving the market for men's grooming products forward. Product recognition is at its highest level among 18-41 year old males. Males aged 18-25 make up for 38% of MenEssentials' customer base, males aged 26-40 counts for 53%, males 41-59 counts for 6% and males over 60 for 3%. MenEssentials' spa clientele also report the same phenomenon. California North began as a men's line, a prestige brand sold in department and specialty stores. When women found the line in the mid-nineties with the Titanium self tanner and glycolic moisturizer, offering liberal quantities and very fair pricing, California North decided to distribute to men and women going forward. "Now we are seeing the movement back to men's as a huge increase, which we are prepared for," says Jim Miller. California North'’s products and spa treatments are available at a number of spas in the U.S., Canada and the U.K. Men like the no nonsense approach California North takes to products, the clean light citrus extracts they use, and the pure function of the products. These attributes bring men back to the location building the retail side of the business to re-buy skincare, shaving and shower items when they are out. California North'’s spa treatments are available at many spas across the country. The Visage Spa in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan was one of the first spas in the U.S. to use the treatments. As a premier medical day spa, Visage Spa offers both spa treatments and clinical services under the direction of Michael Freeland, M.D. The spa'’s "“Just for Men"” California North treatments are extremely popular. The two most recent spas to offer California North treatments are The Chairman, a new men's exclusive spa in Seattle that opened in July 2002 and Little House Spa in Ottawa, Canada, which in October 2002 opened a men-only treatment room and lounge area called The Men'’s Den. California North's products are also found at dermatologist offices. Jim Miller says, "“We know that dermatologists who work with constraints from HMO's are offering quality retail items like ours in an effort to serve their patients with products they believe in, and to develop spa retail repeat business."” Natural extract based products are in demand and clients want product knowledge, they want to know what is being used on them, and they want to continue the experience at home with at-home spa products. California North'’s most requested treatment is the "“Marinus Back, Scalp and Face Treatment." Jim Miller explains that this is an ideal tonic for the mind, body, and spirit. It eases stress and tension away with a skin rejuvenating facial and muscle soothing massage for the back, shoulders, and scalp. The California North line includes high quality products for skincare, haircare, body care, shaving, sun protection, and fragrances. The products are for all ages, for health club visits, spa use, or home use. As a member of the Corporate Standard of Compassion for Animals (CSCA), California North does not conduct animal testing on any of their products or ingredients. California North also maintains memberships with the International SPA Association (ISPA), abiding by their code of ethics and The Independent Cosmetic Manufacturers and Distributors Association (ICMAD). California North is available worldwide. In the U.S. the line is sold at Nordstrom, as well as at fine spas, resort shops, pharmacies, dermatologist offices, and gift shops. On-line you can find the products at

Startup "e-tailer" first to sell Anthony Logistics in Canada

Friday December 15th, 2000

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OTTAWA, Canada -, an Ottawa-area online retailer, today announced that it would sell Anthony Logistics for Men in Canada. The startup company becomes the first Canadian retailer to offer this innovative men's skin care line from New York. Anthony Logistics for Men is a 26-product line that includes cleansers, toners, moisturizers, scrubs, masks, sport sticks, shampoos, conditioners, styling aids, shaving products, and bath and body products. The line had its debut a mere six weeks ago, and has already garnered considerable acclaim from customers and industry pundits alike. will carry nine of the Anthony Logistics products that are most beneficial to men's skin, given the unique character of the Canadian climate. "Our weather can be harsh on skin, especially in winter," said Marlene Lavoie, General Manager of "Anthony Logistics offers products that are particularly well-suited to our environment. Their obvious quality and distinctiveness make them ideal additions to our catalogue." "We're pleased to be associated with," said Katrin Yaghoubi, VP of Business Development at Anthony. "They are first to recognize the value of the men's skin care market in Canada, and their web site is a fitting venue for our products." will deliver Anthony Logistics to customers throughout Canada. Secure, online orders may be placed at or About ( is an online retailer of imported, prestige skin care and grooming products for men. Launched in September 2000, has become the Canadian destination of choice for men who care about their professional appearance. It is the first Internet "beauty" site for men only, and the first to accept payment only in Canadian dollars. About Anthony Logistics For Men ( Anthony Logistics for Men is a multifunctional, multi-benefit personal care system of skin care, bath, and body products designed for men. The products are easy to understand, user-friendly, with specific ingredients tailored for a man's skin. The complete product line is broken down into four core areas: hair care, shave, face, and body.


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