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Shaving Products

The art of shaving relies on high quality shaving supplies, and these are our best sellers. We offer the best selection of electric shavers and trimmers, shaving cream, shaving brushes, soap, pre shave oils, aftershave, and everything else you require to protect and nourish your skin while shaving. Indulge in creams and oils made using only the finest ingredients, giving you a true barbershop shave.

Our best-selling shaving supplies are so for a reason, the reason being that they rock. Rich creams and oils, precise straight and safety razors, lather-tastic shaving soaps, conditioning aftershave balms...we have everything you could possibly want in terms of men’s skincare, and it’s all ah-mazing.

Give yourself the gift of stellar shaving supplies and enjoy taking pride in your appearance. After all, why use razors that give you serious razor burn, or aftershave that stings when it should soothe? Why deal with a not-great pre-shave oil, or no oil at all? There’s nothing unmanly about wanting to look and feel good--all it says is you have the confidence to take care of yourself. Believe us, it translates--both personally and professionally. What boss or special someone is interested in a guy who clearly uses hack shaving tools, or barely puts any interest into his appearance? The greasy look is out (was it ever in?).

Each of our top-sellers has its own unique charm, which includes plenty of awesome ingredients guaranteed to nourish your skin so it’s soft. Baby soft. And you know what baby-soft skin is? Touchable.

Browse our shaving creams, our shaving soaps, our pre and post-shave oils, and everything else that makes up our best-selling section. We guarantee you’ll find the product you can’t live without, or your current favorite you’ll want to buy in bulk. Enjoy building your own grooming kit and developing a signature look...it’s a rockin’ good time, and you’ll feel better about yourself. For real.


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