Razors & Sets

There’s no better way to get all of your shaving tools at once! If you want to begin a wet shaving routine, but still require a number of tools to get going, our top selling shaving set collection includes a wide range of double edge safety razor, shaving brush, lathering bowl and mirror combinations. Each of our shaving sets is perfect for every type of shaving enthusiast.

At MenEssentials, it’s our job to scour the world for the best skincare products for men. So we’re quite pleased to have assembled such a stellar collection of razors, shaving creams, and every other product you need to achieve the perfect shave. Whether looking for an individual item or a complete shave set, you can be sure we have what you want. You can also be sure that each and every product we carry is beyond awesome.

Our individual razors and sets include the double safety razors you’ve been searching high and low for, as well as the excellent shave brushes so imperative for creating the perfect lather. There’s also straight razors and shavettes, because sometimes only classic shaving supplies will do. And if you’re in the market for extra blades...yeah, we have them. Fear not.

Why leave your razor on the bathroom sink to collect dust, bacteria, and god-knows what else? If you’re working with a cheapie razor you’re going to throw out soon anyway it’s kind of understandable, but if you’re recently invested in a quality straight or safety razor a razor stand is definitely necessary. Our sets come with the stand, razor, and brush, allowing you to keep the razor and brush in safe, working condition.

Let us help you with all of your grooming needs--we have essentially everything you can think of, and none of that inexpensive junk that’s going to make you break out in a weird rash. Consider us your one-stop male grooming shop and enjoy!