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Pre Shave

Pre shave oils and balms are the best way to ensure your face and facial hair are perfectly prepped for shaving. If you’re prone to skin irritation while shaving, adding a pre-shave balm to your routine is a good idea. Our range of balms and oils will prepare your skin and help prevent irritations caused by shaving, by making the skin more pliable, and lifting and swelling the hair to make it easier to shave.

When it comes to shaving hair of flesh, a little prep work goes a long, long, long way. Dealing with an excess of unsightly hair is one thing, with angry-looking razor burn not much better. Women usually face razor burn on their legs, particularly the backs of their thighs and bikini areas. And rather than deal with hideous red bumps, they take steps to ensure close, clean shaves...and then moisturize the heck out of skin once the shaving is complete.

The same idea applies to dudes, only on a much smaller scale. Exceptions are generally in the form of swimmers, who maintain hairless bodies to prevent drag, and male strippes, who regularly wax their chests. If you’re a stripper or a swimmer, you probably know a thing or two about shave prep, but if you’re among the many guys who shave their faces only, you might only know about shaving soaps, creams, and aftershave balms.

Pre-shave oils and lotions give skin that extra dose of hydration, making it more pliable and super-easy to shave. Shaving totally dry skin means hair follicles aren’t swollen from moisture, which equals not-so-fun adventures in razor burn. Rather than subjecting yourself and everyone who has to look at you to this unattractive rash, invest in our pre-shave supplies. After all, your skin deserves a lil TLC, right?

We’re stocked with a wide variety of pre-shave products, allowing you to easily choose the one that best suits your skin type and shaving needs. From individual products to full-blown kits, trust your face to MenEssentials.


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