Musgo Real

The Musgo Real line of products was created by Claus Porto in 1920. Combines traditional manufacturing methods with modern advancements, making this product range a dream for any skin care enthusiast. Enriched with lanolin, glycerin, karité butter and coconut oil, all blended together to tackle any skin irritation.

If you are ready to take your shaving program seriously, Musgo Real has the products that will upgrade your routine to the next level. Start off with our lightly scented shaving cream enriched with lanolin, coconut oil, glycerin, and karate butter to sooth even the most irritated skin. Created in 1920 by Claus Porta, Musgo Real features old-world craftsmanship combined with modern fragrances to make shaving the best part of your skin care routine.

With, Musgo Real, you can lather up with the lively notes of Citrus or the earthier fragrance of Mossy Woods and feel your skin come alive. Your vstraight razor will glide over your face, leaving behind smooth skin and a close shave without the irritation and razor burn that you’ll note with cheaper products.

Are you ready to take your shaving routine to the next level? You’ll never think of shaving products the same way again when you lather up with one of Musgo Real’s high-quality and lightly scented shaving creams. Get ready to treat your skin to some of the finest ingredients out there. Just lather up, shave, and face the world with smooth, healthy skin. Give these great products a try and feel the difference. Your skin will thank you.