Hair Trial Size

If you’re not sure which hair products are right for you and your hair care routine, test all of the waters with our selection of trial sized pots! You can create your own trial size sampler by choosing three or more trial sized products for a discount. Customize your hair care routine by discovering exactly which pomades are right for you. You’ll be looking your absolute best in no time!


If you’re indecisive, inexperienced, or just plain curious, don’t sweat it! We offer trial sizes of every hair product we carry. The best way to figure out which product is right for you is to try it, but no one wants to purchase an entire bottle of men's shampoo or jar of hair pomade only to discover it doesn’t quite jive with the look you’re going for.

Our trial sized pots of pomade give approximately 4-8 uses, which is plenty for you to discover how much you love it. Create your own trial sized sampler by selecting three or more trial sized pots of hair product to customize your product selection. You’ll be able to pick and choose what you’d like to sample, and voila! You have your own customized hair studio right in the comfort of your own bathroom. Mix and match our selection of pomades and gels with your own shampoos and travel shave kits, and see what matches your style.

We want you to look your best, and we’re going to help you get there! Figure out what gives you the most amazing hair, and roll with it.