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Hair Brushes & Combs

We have an outstanding collection of top of the line hair brushes and combs, and these are our best sellers. Whether you’re looking for a military style brush, a cushion base brush with a handle, stiff boar bristles or a plastic brush with ball tipped quills, we have a brush that is perfect for tackling and taming any type of hair. Pair our brushes with any of our hair products and accessories, and you’ll have the most envy inducing hair on the block.

Raking a comb through your hair is one of the many things you need to do in terms of grooming...that is, unless you’re rocking the shaved head look. (Hey, it’s super-cool in the summer!) As with all of our other products, our top-selling men's hair brushes and combs are from only the best, highest-quality brands on the planet.

Pick a men's comb or paddle brush with bristles designed to massage and stimulate the scalp. Such brushes work with the body’s natural oils to keep hair conditioned and shiny rather than dull and dry. Browse combs that make keeping your mustache  in pristine condition easy. We sell both beard combs and mustache brushes. Our combs include options with rounded teeth so neither your hair nor your scalp gets damaged.

Use your favorite brush and comb in conjunction with our most-excellent hair care products for men and enjoy the enviable ‘do you’ve always wanted. However you prefer to wear your hair, we have the comb, brush, and assorted conditioners and balms to keep it looking healthy and manageable. Long and straight? Short and styled? Mohawk-inspired? Whatever you do to your hair, we have the products to ensure you do it well.

No matter what length the hairs on your head, it’s necessary to keep them lookin’ good. The alternative only makes people say, “Um, did you see that dude’s hair?” in a not-flattering way. Rather than subjecting yourself to such scrutiny, let everyone you know and will meet that yes, you do care about your appearance, and yes, you have spectacular hair.


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