Andis Fade Master Clipper with Fade Blade (Metal Finish)

by Andis

For over 85 years, Andis has produced clippers and trimmers with great quality. With their background in the industry, they have been able to produce various designs of the best clippers which includes the FadeMaster, an ideal tool for barbers.

Its classy and firm design works perfectly well in any hand. Features: Comfortable form which help reduce fatigue and adjustable blade (#00000 to #000). You may also opt for zero gapped option.

It also contains a powerful magnetic motor that nips 14,00 revolutions per minute, excellent for Voluminous hair cutting. The product comes with a hanging loop and ¼ oz tube of lubricant. Product size is about 6.5 ‘ in length, 2.25 ‘’ in width, 1.5’’ in depth and around 96’’ or 8 ft of cord.