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Beard Grooming

We offer the best beard grooming products available. Discover our top selection of beard trimmers, clippers, boar bristle brushes, combs, and grooming sets. Our range of products are catered to facial hair enthusiasts, who want to show their beard who’s boss. Just because you aren’t toting a straight razor and shaving cream, doesn't mean you can’t look and feel your best!

Beard grooming is a necessary part of having a beard, unless you love that mountain man look and enjoy having children scream in terror at the sight of you. This is not to say you can’t rock a long or particularly bushy beard--you totally can. It just means you have to use beard products to keep your facial hair masterpiece in top shape.

We’ve got beard care products galore, including brushes and combs designed especially for whiskers. Whether you have a goatee, a closely-cropped beard, or a full-blown soup catcher, give it the love it needs with the right beard comb, or one of our Kent brushes. Kent brushes are hand-finished masterpieces made with premium timber and carefully-sourced natural bristles, allowing you to rake through your beard while encouraging circulation and essential oil flow. Awesome, right?

Our shelves are also stocked with beard travel accessories, including super-cool mustache and beard grooming kits complete with brown leather cases. Filled with items such as beard trimmers and top-quality razor blades, taking care of your beard or ‘stache has never been easier. We also sell mustache scissors individually should you decide that’s all the facial hair you want right now.

Be the envy of everyone you know who also has a beard! Groom yours with the same TLC you give the rest of your body, and make all who know you wonder how you achieved the perfect beard. We have the products. You have the beard. Find the best beard care products and join those who dwell in the facial hair hall of fame!


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