Andis Easy Trim Personal (Beard & Nose/Ear) Trimmer

by Andis

The Andis Easy Trim Personal Trimmer is made for a detailed trim in those spots that are difficult to reach. Ideal for trimming hairs in ears, noses, and beards, this is a detailed trimmer that is made to touch up beards and mustaches. Sanitary and stylish, this trimmer's blades are crafted with high quality stainless steel to ensure that they last longer than several uses. They are easy to clean and are rust-proof so they don't erode to deterioration. 

Ideal for recessed cutting blades, they trim hair close and are safer than scissors. Made with a protective cap, they keep blades for travels and storage. Also operates on an AA battery for efficient use. Simply oil blade before every use to produce a solid cut. Made in the USA for compact use.