Your Ultimate Guide To Manscaping Your Junk

Your Ultimate Guide To Manscaping Your Junk

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If there’s one thing grooming experts are constantly asked (albeit typically accompanied by a red face and zero eye contact) is “how do I go about shaving my balls?” Well, gentlemen, we’re here to help. This typically squirm-inducing topic is generally as unpleasant to discuss as the practice is to carry out, however many men deem the result to be far worth it.

First of all, genital shaving is generally ill-advised. It can cause infections and irritations in an area where such things are not particularly welcome. Not to mention, navigating that area with a sharp object is the stuff of nightmares, so it is a practice that requires much care and attention to avoid a very unwanted injury.

To ensure proper execution, here are a few crucial DOs and DON’Ts to keep in mind:

-DON’T use chemical creams or sprays to remove hair. These products specifically state that they aren’t for use on your genitals, and they mean it. They cause skin irritations at the best of times, so you’re better off to avoid this unpleasantness altogether.

-DO always use a fresh, clean blade. Pubic hair is quite coarse, so a dull razor is not your friend. If your hair is particularly unruly, or if you are shaving larger surface areas like your pubic and thigh regions, you may need more than one blade. Replace the blade in your razor as soon as you begin to feel it dragging.

-DO trim your pubic hair with scissors before going at them with a razor if they are particularly long. This will help prevent your razor from getting clogged.

Once you’re ready to begin, take a long, warm bath to help open pores. Use a highly moisturizing shaving cream to lift and soften your hair, making the entire process far easier and more comfortable. Make your first stroke with the grain of growth to remove most of the hair, with the second stroke against the grain to clean up the area. Avoid shaving over the same spot any more than twice to prevent irritation.

Immediately after shaving, be sure to clean the area well to avoid infection, and apply an alcohol free aftershave to soothe the area (and make sure to triple check that it is alcohol free. This isn’t an area that should be doused in alcohol). It’s recommended to cleanse and exfoliate the shaven area at least once a day - this will prevent ingrown hairs.

Frequency of shaving depends on your level of activity. For those who are less active, going longer between shaves is recommended. More active individuals may want to shave and exfoliate more often to prevent skin irritation. Ridding yourself of your pubic hair involves proper maintenance, so if the idea is a deterrent, we would recommend avoiding the entire situation altogether and opt for an occasional trimming instead. Remember that regrowth can often be uncomfortable, especially when it first starts to come in.

Bottom line: when it comes to shaving your nether regions, patience is a virtue. This can’t ever be a rushed job, or else you’ll end up with a field of itchy razor burn and unsightly ingrown hairs. If you don’t have the proper amount of time to carry out this entire process, the “I didn’t have time to shave” look is far more attractive than the “I quickly shaved then ran out the door”. Safety and hygiene is the name of the game here!

Want to take your manscaping game to the next level? You may want to think about going for a professional wax. Note: we say professional wax, because unless you already know what you’re doing, this job is best left in someone else’s hands. And since you’re reading this article, we’re going to assume you aren’t already an expert.

Tips for getting waxed:

-Mentally prepare for some pain, because this isn’t a walk in the park. Having hot wax poured onto your body by a stranger and then having the hair ripped out by the root is not an especially pleasant experience, and you’re about to develop some empathy for all the women in your life who are regular waxers.

-Mentally prepare for some blushing. Yes, if you’re getting a full Brazilian, your aesthetician is about to be face to face with your junk. And keep things professional! Shower before your appointment and don’t hit on your aesthetician. Oh, and be sure to tip.

-Wear your highest cut bathing suit if you’re only waxing your “bikini line”.

-Don’t use any lotions or deodorants on the area that’s being waxed on the day of your appointment.

-Don’t shave the waxed area for at least 10-14 days after your appointment.

-As with anything in life, you’re going to get what you pay for. The price will reflect your aestheticians experience level, so unless you are particularly fond of a poor wax job on your junk, you should probably pony up a bit of extra cash. A typical Brazilian wax ranges anywhere from $25-$75.

Now you’re ready to cruise the beach in your finest speedo.

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