What's Your Go-To Shaving Product Fragrance?

What's Your Go-To Shaving Product Fragrance?

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Everyone has their favourite shaving product fragrances. Whether it's a lavender pre shave oil, an almond shaving cream, or a bay rum aftershave. There are definitely scents that are more traditional to find in a shaving product, while others are a little more off-kilter. If you've been thinking about switching up your fragrance, or aren't sure what unique scents are out there, have a peek at our list!






This is a very popular scent, and is most commonly found in shaving creams and pre-shave oil. It's a creamy, soothing fragrance that is never overpowering, which is perfect for calming your skin before and during your shave.


Much like almond, lavender is a very popular choice for pre-shave oils and balms, as well as shaving creams and soaps. It's a very light scent that won't contrast with any fragrances you may wear, such as colognes or post shave splashes.


This is a classic post-shave fragrance, and is probably the most traditional scent when it comes to shaving products. Most men have at least tried a bay rum after shave, since the cooling blast is extremely refreshing and soothing post shave.


Rich, woody fragrances are quite popular in pre-shave oils, post shave splashes and shaving creams/soaps. It's an extremely attractive, masculine scent, so many men gravitate towards products with sandalwood or cedar wood notes.


Similar to Bay Rum, lime is a cooling and refreshing fragrance that sits very well with shaving products. Citrus is a common choice for shaving creams, soaps and aftershaves, since it cools and refreshes your skin.


Do you prefer more unique fragrances? Have a look at these more uncommon, but equally as incredible scents!


Los Angeles Shaving Soap Company Myrkvior Shaving Soap

The Myrkvior fragrance (pronounced 'mirk vitter') is truly one of a kind. It is the only L.A. Shaving Soap Co. soap that contains avocado oil and cocoa butter, and substitutes beer for water. It is a subtle, earthy fragrance you'll fall in love with.

Proraso Green Tea & Oat Pre/Post Shave

Contains Green Tea Extract and oatmeal extract. Oat Extract has a soothing effect, while respecting the skin's natural pH. Green Tea, a natural antioxidant, helps prevent irritation after shaving and helps with sensitive skin trauma.

The Strop Shoppe LE Shaving Soap - Pêche

Pêche is a delicious blend of peaches and ale with rich and refreshing notes of mint, cedar wood and musk. This fragrance is a sweet, revitalizing, and masculine scent that is perfect for summer! This is a special addition formula that includes lanolin, giving you an incredible shaving performance and post-shave feel.

Barrister & Mann Diamond Shave Soap

This is a seriously unique fragrance, with notes of freshly cut grass, stadium soil, beer, leather, pine, cedar, popcorn, and caramel to conjure the unforgettable experience of attending a big league game during every shave.


Don't forget, for those of us who prefer our own natural musk, there are always unscented options as well!


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