What The Heck is Pomade & How Do I Achieve Envy-Inducing Hair?

What The Heck is Pomade & How Do I Achieve Envy-Inducing Hair?

What is Pomade hair gel styling tips When it comes to hair styling, there are countless products on the market, so choosing the right one can be overwhelming. Pomade is ideal for men’s hairstyles, but you need to determine the type of hold and finish you desire for your look. Some pomades are creamy, while others have a hard clay texture. Some pomades leave a high-shine finish, while others leave your hair looking matte and natural. Some give a strong hold, and others leave hair more pliable and easy to shape.

Pomades come in all combinations of hold strength and level of shine. If you desire a completely slicked back look that will stay in place all day without needing to worry about restyling, you should go with a high-shine/strong hold pomade. If you are looking to rock more of a messy-on-purpose, “I woke up like this” natural bed-head look, a light hold/matte finish pomade is ideal.

Originally, pomades were made from bear fat or lard, with high petroleum content. This meant it took several washes to rinse out the product, making the hair greasy and causing build up. Most pomades are now water soluble, meaning they rinse off of hands and out of your hair with just water. If you’re wondering what the difference is between pomade and hair wax, it is minimal. Traditionally, pomade gave a slicker look while wax did not, but today these products are almost synonymous due to similar ingredients.

Pomade selection requires you to take your desired styles into consideration. It is a good idea to have more than one type of pomade if you tend to rock various hairstyles - but once you figure out which pomade gives you envy-inducing hair, there’s no stopping you!

Find the pomade that’s right for you!

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