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It’s looking like 2015 will be an exceptionally bold year for men’s style trends. From the incredibly powerful prints, head to toe stark white outfits, long flowing hair, and neon-dyed beards (yes, you read that correctly). Men generally have it easy from season to season: as opposed to completely revamping everything you’ve known about what’s “in” during any given year, men’s fashion is more about building on what you already have - a slow evolution, as opposed to “out with the old and in with the new”. Which is a good thing, because not everyone wants to do a complete overhaul on their style preferences every calendar year. Let’s have a look at what 2015 has in store for your clothes, beard and hair.



-Bold colours and prints:

bold prints

Including a few bright statement pieces into your wardrobe will be something you’ll most certainly be glad you did this year. Bold prints and bright colours were all over the runways for the Spring/Summer 2015 shows - and when we say bold and bright, you damn well better believe we mean bold and bright. But if “go big or go home” isn’t a mantra you’d like to adopt when it comes to your clothes, never fear; there are more subtle ways to rock this trend. Tread lightly with bold accents on your shoes, or an intricately patterned pocket square, or a bright red pant (if you’re particularly daring). Experiment with what you’re comfortable with, and you’ll surely find ways to go bold this year.

(Photo: Harpers Bazaar/Dom Bagnato)

-All white:

All White trend

If minimalist looks is more up your alley, the 2014 all-white trend is definitely here to stay. Contrary to the typical understanding of white as being plain, the head-to-toe stark white look is definitely bold all on its own. A little more faint of heart? Try mixing different shades: off-whites, creams, eggshells, etc. Also, never underestimate the power of a bright white jacket. If you’re a little more daring than most, the head-to-toe all white look is something you should definitely try. White t-shirts, jeans, and pullover sweaters are some key investment pieces to help you pull off this look.

(Photo: Harpers Bazaar/Best Fashion Blog)



Denim trend

What trend is easier to wear than something you definitely already own? Chances are you have a few denim pieces in your wardrobe already: jeans, jackets, shirts, etc. Mixing different washes is a good way to take this look from “Canadian Tuxedo” to ultra chic. A light denim shirt with a dark wash jean, or a dark denim jacket with a light wash jean is a great way to wear this trend. Another tip? Keep everything slim fit and tailored, for the fashion-forward, yet rustic look.

(Photo: Denim Jeans Observer/Hugo Boss)



-Well tailored suit separates

well tailored suit separates suits fashionEvery man should have his own arsenal of well tailored suits, but the best way to get the most out of these investment pieces is to pair them with more casual outfits. Pair dress pants from one suit, a jacket from another and a long-sleeved patterned tee underneath, and you have one hell of an outfit. If you’re less confident with this look, keep your colour pattern muted and within the same colour families. If you want to take this look to the next level, mix this trend with either the bold pattern or stark white trend. Cut and fit are very important when executing this look; an ill-fitting jacket or too-long pants will take your outfit from sharp to sloppy very quickly. The idea is clean lines and streamlined silhouettes.

If you’re feeling truly bold, try pairing a baseball shirt with slouchy trousers for the ultimate in fashion and comfort. This look is the perfect combination of sporty, masculine and fashion-forward (not to mention you can show your love for your favourite team).

(Photo: Etro/Salvatore Ferragamo)




Texture hair styles grooming

Heavily textured hair for men was huge in 2014, and if you were rocking this look and loved it, you’re in luck! This look isn’t going anywhere in 2015, and for good reason. Experimenting with texture is a great way to combine the sophisticated with the rugged and masculine. It’s also the ideal way to wear the ever-popular fade haircut. Using a pomade or hair wax, simply run your fingers through your hair and let it do its thing. Pomades come in a variety of hold strengths and finishes, so you can find one that works perfectly for you.




-Long hair:

long Hair trend

We’re talking more Jared Leto than Sons of Anarchy. The long hair trend that has been overpowering all of the runways is emphasizing sleek, conditioned, healthy hair (hair that your girlfriend will likely be envious of). Since men tend to colour and heat style their hair far less than women, it doesn’t take nearly as long for men to grow out long, healthy hair. Long hair also allows for numerous styles, including a low pony tail, half up/half down, and the ultra popular man bun. Speaking of which…

(Photo: NY Mag/Pinterest)



-Man bun:

man bun trend

The man bun was definitely dominating Instagram (and planet earth in general) during 2014, and this year will be no different. The extra bonus will be that every short-haired male who longed for a man bun last year will have their patience pay off in 2015 after growing their hair out. The man bun is definitely a sleek and sexy look that absolutely any guy can pull off, with very few limitations with colour, texture, length or style. Trust us, if you’re looking for a way to shake up your hair game, a man bun is a fool-proof solution.

(Photo: Elite Daily/Buzzfeed)



-Side part:

Side part hair style

The 1960s are a huge inspiration this year for men’s and women’s hairstyles alike - the totally mod side part look has been everywhere. You'd be surprised how much of an impact a simple side part can have on your hairstyle. It's the perfect way to change up your look without doing much at all. If you don't overly embrace change and are nervous to shake up your look completely, changing your part is a easy way to take your look to the next level.

(Photo: EaLuxe/Hollywood Hairstyles)






-Brightly dyed beards:

Dyed Beards trends

Yes, this is an actual trend that is happening. When we first heard about these candy-coloured beards, it seemed more than a little off. However, after looking at a number of photos of pastel pink, blue and lilac beards, the trend started to grow on us. There's something about this unique take on facial hair that is oddly charming - but don't get us wrong, it's definitely not for the timid. Dyeing your facial hair hot pink or electric blue is a statement that is quite difficult to pull off, and if you want to wear this look (as opposed to the look wearing you), you need to own it!

Since 2014 was clearly the year of the beard, 2015 needs to take the trend make make it new. Once beards adorned with flowers and Christmas decorations began popping up all over Instagram, everyone was challenged to up the beard ante. This is looking like a fun, new way to rock some intimidating face fuzz.

If you have blonde hair, you're already ahead of the game, since a pop of colour will show up without having to bleach your beard first. Just make sure you don't oversaturate the hair, as brighter dyes are more likely to stain the skin. If your hair is darker and aren't down to bleach, shades like dark blue or green will be more visible than pink or yellow.

Now, don't get us wrong. We are perfectly aware that this trend is a little out there, and most people will choose to ignore it. However, there are definitely ways to adopt this trend that won't send passersby running in the other direction.

-Keep it to one hue. Using multiple colours will catapult your beard into circus clown territory pretty quickly.

-Don't over dye. You don't want to completely fry your facial hair, irritate your skin, or dye more skin than hair.

-If you have a thin or patchy beard, avoid this trend. It will likely come off looking a little more bush-league than you'd intended.

But no worries, everyone. Even if you don't feel this adventurous (or if it just isn't office appropriate), your undyed beard is still trending this year.

(Photo: Complex/Refinery29)


Bottom Line: Luckily, 2015 is looking to be a year where there are no crazy, sudden changes in the world of men's fashion and grooming. Instead of doing a complete 180º with your style, the easiest way to keep up with trends while still remaining comfortable is to make small changes. If there's a trend you want to rock, try adding pieces to your wardrobe slowly. Venturing out of your comfort zone, even if it's only slightly, is the best way to let your style evolve.


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