Travel Tips For Men

You live a go-go lifestyle, but that, shouldn't affect your fashion sense, health or grooming routine. Whether it’s keeping all your tools separate, lack of space in your carry-on, or just not looking like a dishevelled mess when you get off the plane, we all have our personal travel woes, and there are definitely some easy ways to eliminate common travel stresses without much effort. We’ll have you breezing in and out of hotels and airports like a total rockstar.




Make use of multi-purpose items: When space in your carry-on/toiletry bag is at a premium, multi-purpose items will become your best friend. Shower gels that wash your face, body and hair is a great start, or two-in-one shampoo/conditioner combos if you insist on using something separate for your hair and body. Fewer bottles is always ideal while travelling, when both space in your toiletry bag as well as shower time are luxuries you can’t afford.

Travel in style AND comfort: Being herded like cattle through security and then crammed into an airline seat is uncomfortable enough. Make the entire process easier on yourself by cutting out at least some of that discomfort. Wearing a softer, more relaxed-fitting jean to stay stylish and comfortable will do wonders during travel time. If you have time to stop by your hotel room before you hit a business meeting, you’re a lot less restricted. Because let’s face it: there are definitely more comfortable in-flight clothing options besides your suit, no matter how good it looks. Easily removable layers are also your friend when it comes to the unpredictable cabin temperatures.

Comfy shoes go a long way: This may seem like a no-brainer, but the amount of times I’ve been behind someone wearing ridiculously complicated shoes in the security line is staggering. Don’t be that guy! Wearing ultra-comfy slip on shoes will make a world of difference in terms of your own comfort, and will allow you to breeze through security.

Be careful with fragrancesIf your trip will include a situation where you’d like to smell your best (and why wouldn't it?), you’ll likely want to bring your favourite cologne with you. Unfortunately, most bottles of cologne are extremely fragile, and are not the best thing to have break and spill over everything in your bag. Invest in a travel atomizer, which is a small tube with a spritz pump, typically made from hard plastic that you can refill with your favourite fragrance. Some brands even offer small travel atomizer sets in a variety of scents. Keep smelling great, without the spills (just don’t over-apply before a flight, for the sake of the guy sitting next to you).

Keep an eye out for travel packs of your favourite products: Most men’s beauty brands offer travel-sized combo packs, which typically include TSA compliant bottles of shampoo, conditioner, body wash, face wash, etc. This way you can have everything you need, without the worry of having to ditch any too-big containers at security.

Moisturize!The dry recycled air on a plane does an awful number on your skin, so make sure you counteract it with plenty of moisturizer. Lip balm is also a good plan! Keep some moisturizer in your carry-on, because you’ll be surprised how quickly you’ll notice how dry your skin gets on a plane. Not to mention, I honestly wonder if the soap in all public restrooms was designed for the sole purpose of turning your skin into sandpaper.

Drink plenty of water: Speaking of that unpleasant dryness on the plane, be sure to drink plenty of water to combat dehydration. Nothing says “I just took a 16-hour flight” louder than dry, dull, pasty skin. Not to mention, drinking plenty of water at all times is just plain healthy!

Pack a lazy-man’s showerExtra long flights can equal dishevelled hair and smelly armpits, and the only thing worse than dealing with an extra long flight is to disembark looking a little too unkempt. The solution? Dry shampoo and deodorizing wipes. These little gems will become your new best friend while travelling. A quick stop-off at the airport bathroom once you’re off the plane is all you’ll need. No water required, and you’ll be left feeling fresh to death and ready to go! You’ll wonder how you ever got along without these before.

Get rid of under eye baggageThe only bags you should be toting are the ones you’re cramming into the overhead compartment. Travelling tends to puff out the eye area at the best of times, so having some anti-puff eye treatments at the ready is always a good plan. If you find you’re particularly prone to the dreaded eye puff, try your best to keep your head as propped up as possible. This helps the fluid drain from your face.

Protect your investments: Quality shaving gear is expensive, so you don’t want to risk damaging your tools while travelling. If you’re a frequent jet-setter, twistable travel shave brushes, blade guards, and travel sized shaving creams are an excellent idea. Just because you’re on the road, doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your shaving routine or risk having your prized shaving tools break in your bag.

Always wear a watch: In this day and age, finding someone who actually wears a watch daily is quite rare. In fact, it’s typically seen as a novelty. However, not only do watches look good, but they’re also, you know, functional. Travelling is obviously something that requires you to stick to a schedule, and when you’re running through a terminal it’s far easier to glance quickly at your wrist than to fish around for your phone (especially if you discover that it’s dead).


Pack the perfect carry-on: Being able to execute an absolutely perfect carry-on is a skill worthy of inclusion on a resumé. Choosing what is and isn’t essential to be included is very important, and can make your travel exceptionally easier.

Some of the best things to pack in your carry-on:

-A comfy sweater: Planes can be chilly, so instead of lugging around an inconveniently enormous jacket, stashing your favourite sweater is ideal.

-Noise cancelling headphones: Along with being often chilly, planes are more than likely to be irritatingly noisy. Between the unavoidable crying baby, to the couple arguing behind you, to your neighbour who is inclined to strike up an unsolicited conversation, you’ll need some help to get to a zen-like state. Noise cancelling headphones are incredible whether you’re listening to music, or just looking to block out the rest of the world for a few hours.

-Sleep aids: A pack of natural melatonin pills, an eye mask and ear plugs are the trifecta of flying stress-free. Pay attention to how long your flight is, however. Anything less than 4 hours, and skipping the pills is a good plan.

-An extra outfit: The ultimate travel nightmare - getting to your destination, only to discover the airline seems to have misplaced your checked luggage. What are you to do? Obviously this one extra outfit isn’t going to make up for the pain and suffering you’ll endure when dealing with your lost luggage, but it’ll sure as hell beat spending multiple days in the outfit you wore on the plane.


On that note…

Making a domestic trip? Consider shipping any bags you would normally check. Using FedEx to ship your bags directly to your hotel so they’re waiting in your room upon your arrival will become your new definition of nirvana. This also 100% reduces the stress and worry that occurs when you have to switch gates last minute. Yes, in an ideal world your checked bags make the switch as well, but if you know your luggage is already waiting for you in your hotel room, this eliminates any checked bag related anxiety altogether.


Happy travels!


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