Teaching Your Son To Shave

Teaching Your Son To Shave

teaching your son to shaveWho taught you how to shave? Was it an older brother? Did you simply glean whatever information you could from watching people shave on TV? Or did your dear old dad usher you into the bathroom once the peach fuzz on your chin began to sprout? I think it’s pretty clear that out of all methods of learning how to shave, the easiest process for a young man would be to have a real live human showing them the dos and don’ts of shaving. While this seems to be the most safe, practical, and logical way for a young man to learn to shave, it appears that this actual practice has fallen by the wayside. Here are a few crucial things to remember when the day comes that you need to teach your teenaged son the ways of the razor.

Keep an open door policy

Exposing your son to the practice of shaving from an early age will definitely help when the time comes for him to start his own shaving routine. Closing the bathroom door every morning while going through your shaving rituals is only robbing him of first hand training. Let your son sit in as you shave, making this process seem natural and ingrained in his memory from a young age so it doesn’t seem so foreign.

Make sure he has the proper tools

If you don’t take part in your son’s intro to shaving, he’ll likely resort to a can of foamy chemicals and a cheap disposable razor, which is a nightmare even in the most skilled hands. His skin is especially sensitive at the time shaving becomes a reality, so proper tools are more important now than ever. Give him a high quality shaving cream with ingredients that are ideal for sensitive skin, along with a quality cartridge razor (as the handling of a traditional safety razor might be a little overwhelming initially). It may be a good idea to save the shaving brush/soap lathering lessons for when he transitions to a more advanced shaving level, and keep it simple with a shaving cream he can lather in his hands. Learn to walk before you learn to run!

Be his shaving spirit guide!

Remember that he’s never done this before, and this is something he’ll need to do for the rest of his life. Make yourself available to supervise his first few runs at shaving, and be accessible to answer any questions he may have. Impart your shaving wisdom! He’ll thank you when his face is perfectly smooth and not covered in razor burn at his prom.

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