Talk Shaving; Paul McKenzie (The Real McKenzies)

Talk Shaving; Paul McKenzie (The Real McKenzies)

Talk shaving the Real MckenziesTHE REAL McKENZIES are not just a band. They are an unstoppable touring machine.  A road-hardened crew of traveling minstrels, entertainers and vagabonds on a never-ending quest for good times. For the past 23+ years, this ferocious gang of miscreants has been captivating audiences around the globe with their addictive, uncompromising and undeniably heartfelt music.  We chatted with Paul from the band about the new album and this is how it went down.





MenEssentials: Tell us a bit about yourself

Paul McKenzie: I'm Paul McKenzie, 54 years old, I lead an active life. I wake up every morning happy to be alive.

ME: I guess that's the most important thing. What's your grooming routine like Paul?

PM: One must remain well groomed in order to give the rest of the world the proper impression of a no nonsense type of guy. This also applies to my home and vehicles. I really enjoy having everything properly maintained.

ME: Do you have any must have or can't live without grooming products for being on tour?

PM: Toothpaste, soap, razor and shaving cream. A fully stocked manicure kit.

ME: Do you have any favorite shaving products?

PM: A cartridge razor and organic olive oil for shaving.

ME: Life's best lessons can be born from mistakes, what's been your biggest grooming mistake or lesson?

PM: Getting my hair cut with fire.

ME: HA HA, That's certainly a mistake and a lesson all in one. What's currently going on with you guys, and what's next?

PM: Currently a new album, Rats In The Burlap, a biography, tours, planning our 25th anniversary record and a movie.

ME: Thanks for your time Paul

PM: No Problem

Set for a March 24th release, Rats In The Burlap continues the tradition of blending classic Scottish/Celtic musicality with pure punk rock melodic badassery. Song themes run the gamut from the insanely glamorous world of international touring (Midnight Train To Moscow, Up On A Motorbike) to rebellious defiance in the face of tyranny (Who’d A Thought, You Wanna Know) to a hilariously heartwarming story of a cat who stole Paul McKenzie’s haggis on Robbie Burns Day (Bootsy The Haggis-Eating Cat…duh). With fourteen loaded tracks of fortified McKenzies madness, Rats In The Burlap is a much needed breath of boozy-fresh air.

Catch The Real McKenzies - "Rats In The Burlap" March 24. Hit the band up on their social media pages, or check their tour dates HERE.





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