Skin Problems? The Solution is  Just One Exfoliation Away

Skin Problems? The Solution is Just One Exfoliation Away

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Exfoliation is arguably one of the most important aspects of skincare, yet it is also one of the most ignored steps in most people’s skincare routine.  There are so many benefits to exfoliating your skin, and there are a wide variety of amazing facial scrubs to choose from.  No matter what skin type you have, everyone from oily to dry can benefit from buffing away those layers of dead skin.  Let’s clear up the how and the why of exfoliation, and maybe this process will stop being considered the underrated cousin of washing your face.

HOW: Exfoliation is not as much of an undertaking as most people think.  You first need to figure out which exfoliant is right for you and your skin type - this will also determine how often it needs to be done.  If you have more oily skin it is more important to use an exfoliant, however a heavy exfoliator can irritate acne-prone skin, so it’s crucial to be gentle.

Remember: the grit found in exfoliants does the job of removing dead skin all by itself.  Don’t be too aggressive when applying to your face! Simply rubbing the exfoliant on your skin in a circular motion will loosen the layers of dead skin cells and build up of debris, allowing them to be washed away with warm water.  Focus on the oilier parts of your face, as well as the harder to reach spots, such as the sides of your nostrils (noses tend to be quite oily!).

WHY: The most beneficial aspect to exfoliating is cleansing and brightening your skin, leaving your skin feeling ultra soft, smooth and looking incredible.  However, there are additional benefits of exfoliation that are not as well known.  Exfoliating helps to eliminate signs of aging by improving the overall texture of your skin, and reducing the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and age spots.  It also allows for the better absorption of any products applied to your face, namely face wash, makeup and sunscreen.  Washing your face immediately after exfoliating allows your face wash to tackle the dirt and impurities embedded under the layers of dead skin that have now been removed through exfoliation. Translation: your skin looks and feels its absolute best!

Facial cleansers are often only equipped to remove dirt, oil and makeup from your skin, and are not designed to remove the layers of dead skin cells that collect on your face.  Bottom line, if you want to put your absolute best face forward, exfoliation is your friend.

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