Should You Switch to Traditional Wet Shaving?

Should You Switch to Traditional Wet Shaving?

traditional shaving switch routine wetMany men lock down a shaving routine in their teens, and never ever stray from it. But think about all the things you did when you were 16 that seem ridiculous now! You’ve grown up, so your shaving routine should, too. But does it really make a difference?

Why yes. Yes it does.


We’ve all seen the ads: more and more blades have been added to disposable razors for years, every time claiming that this extra blade is what stands between you and the best shave of your life. So it only makes sense that someone would look at a safety razor and think, “why would I swap my four blade cartridge for a single blade safety razor?”

The answer comes down to quality over quantity. When you consider the cost of a package of disposable razors, you can’t help but wonder what quality of blades are being used. You’re scraping anywhere from two to five tiny pieces of moderately sharpened steel across your face, so it’s probably a good idea to make sure they’re of an acceptable quality. Four blades only mean so much when they’re dull, dirty and rusted.


Typically, traditional wet shavers go big or go home. It’s pretty rare to find a traditional wet shaver who splurges for a quality razor but still uses aerosol shaving cream from the drug store. If you make the switch to a safety razor or straight razor, it’s likely you also figured out that a shaving brush, high quality shaving cream or soap and soothing aftershave complete the “perfect shave” package. If you’re concerned about the monetary costs associated with traditional shaving, don’t be. While the initial funds required to begin a traditional shaving routine may be off-putting, you definitely save money in the end. Yes, many razors, brushes and shaving creams can be on the more expensive side, there are always less-expensive alternatives that are still far superior to any drug store products.


When you up the quality of your shaving routine, you’re significantly decreasing the risk of skin irritation and long-term damaging effects. Since you’re likely choosing to shave because you prefer the way it looks and feels, it only makes sense to execute a shaving routine that keeps your skin looking and feeling great.

Men often only consider cost and convenience when settling on a shaving routine, when in reality there are actually a number of factors at play. While it is initially cheaper to head to the drug store and pick up a package of 10 two-blade disposables and a can of shaving cream, you’re doing a disservice to your skin, wallet and the environment (think about all the waste you’re creating by tossing your tiny plastic razors). Combining your shaving routine with your skin care regimen may seem like a daunting task, but if a quality shave and gorgeous skin is what you’re after, it’s definitely worth it.


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