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November 13, 2014

Pre Shave Tips When considering your shaving routine, most people only think about hair removal and aftershave. However, the pre-shave steps are crucial to preparing and protecting your skin, making your shave as smooth and comfortable as possible. If you have sensitive skin, pre-shave oil is particularly beneficial. Most pre-shave treatments are loaded with essential oils, vitamin E, aloe, and tons of other nutrient-rich ingredients, improving your skin’s natural moisture barrier, aiding in the absorption of your favourite shaving cream or soap, and allowing for a smoother razor glide.

Pre-shave oil is a particularly good idea if you have very coarse facial hair and/or sensitive skin that requires that extra punch of moisture.There is a wide variety of pre-shave oils, so take the time to select the one that’s right for you. Generally, an oil with a thinner consistency is the most beneficial, since it is less likely to clog your razor and will rinse easily from your skin. Pre-shave products come in a number of formulas, mainly oil, lotion, soap, gels and emulsions. The consistency that will work best for you is largely determined by how oily or dry your skin is (i.e.- a thicker formulation is not recommended for oily skin).
You may also want to consider what fragrance you would prefer, how strong you would like the fragrance to be, or whether you would like a fragrance at all (coordinating your pre-shave oil’s fragrance to match or compliment the scent of your shaving cream and aftershave may be a good plan).To apply, rub one to three drops into your skin using your hands. Mixing oil with equal parts water aids in the absorption, making the pre-shave oil even more effective. Allow  the oil to sit for a moment before applying your shaving cream or soap, and notice the  difference this combination makes! Your skin will feel ultra moisturized, and your razor will glide smoothly so as to prevent skin irritation.

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