Post Shave Lotions & Balms; Treat Your Skin Like You Deserve

Post Shave Lotions & Balms; Treat Your Skin Like You Deserve

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To finish off the perfect shave, you need to apply post-shave splash or balm in order to moisturize and condition your skin. Shaving takes its toll, and skin irritations are not uncommon. It’s important to take steps throughout your shaving routine to protect your skin, before, during and after shaving.

The difference between the two types of aftershaves is in the texture and the alcohol content. An aftershave splash contains a high level of alcohol, which is what causes the burning sensation. The antiseptic properties work to heal nicks and cuts, preventing skin infections. Many are scented with the traditional bay rum fragrance, evoking a true barbershop feel. Splashes are typically strongly fragranced, which is an easy alternative to cologne.


Aftershave lotions and balms do not contain any alcohol, and are the ideal choice for anyone avoiding the burning sensation of a splash. Balms are designed to primarily be ultra soothing and calming, as opposed to healing and toning. Balms and lotions are also not nearly as intense a  fragrance as a splash, so they are a good choice for anyone who does not enjoy strongly scented products. If you have more sensitive skin, a lotion or balm aftershave is an ideal choice.

Similar to choosing between shaving creams or soaps, the choice between aftershave splashes and lotions comes down to personal preference. Either way, your skin will be soft, smooth and protected!

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