MenEssentials Grooming Guide: The Wall Street

MenEssentials Grooming Guide: The Wall Street

THEWALLSTREETDo you prefer a sleek, sophisticated look? If wearing a suit to work everyday is your thing, you need the grooming products to match. Nothing compliments a sleek suit better than a perfectly shaved face, a dapper aftershave, and a wallet that maintains your silhouette. If you begin and end your day in the Financial District, we have the perfect grooming products that will have you fit right in.





Parker Faux Porcelain Mach 3 Razor, Black


The Parker 111B Mach 3 razor is designed with modern convenience and style in mind. The removable cartridge razor head is compatible with many major brand cartridges, ensuring the upmost practicality in your shaving regimen. The stunning extra long black resin handle is an exquisite well-designed shape that sits comfortably in your hand, providing the ultimate in shaving comfort, as well as a sleek and traditional aesthetic.

Crown Shaving Co. Aftershave Tonic


Crown Shaving Co. After Shave Lotion soothes skin after a shave with a light, non-greasy tonic. Calms newly shaven skin while nourishing and hydrating using natural ingredients. Scented with notes of tobacco, leather, bay rum and barbers talc for a true "fresh from the barbershop"€ feeling.

Bellroy Card Sleeve Wallet, Black



The Bellroy Card Sleeve Wallet is ideal for those who prefer to keep their wallet bulk to a minimum. Designed as a simple card holder, or as a full-time wallet for anyone who doesn't carry around any unnecessary items. Interior pocket features a pull tab for easy access to your wallet contents, while the outer pockets are ideal for your most frequently used items. Its light, sleek look is perfect for anyone looking to cut the bulk.

Kent Clothes Brush


The Kent Double-Sides Clothes Brush with Stiff and Soft Bristles is the perfect solution for removing unwanted dirt, fibres, fluff, hair and pilling from fabrics. The stiff bristles work effectively on thicker fabrics, like denim, while the soft bristles work well on thinner fabrics, like cotton or silk. Its handle allows for easy maneuvering. Made from gorgeous cherrywood.

Niegeloh Imantado XL 7Pc Manicure Set


The Niegeloh Imantado XL 7pc Manicure Set contains nail and cuticle scissors, nose and ear scissors, toe nail scissors, nail clipper, toe nail clipper, slanted tweezers and a sapphire nail file. The hypoallergenic TopInox 100% stainless steel used is specially treated for hardness, corrosion resistance, and long life. The ideal kit for anyone who likes to give their manicures and pedicures a little extra attention, even while travelling. Comes in a lovely, durable, high quality tanned leather case.

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