MenEssentials Grooming Guide: "The Urbanite"

MenEssentials Grooming Guide: "The Urbanite"

mens grooming style

Are you a downtown sort of guy? Don't feel like your grooming routine truly reflects the kind of gentleman you are? If you like to stay clean-shaven, want to make sure your suit is always in tip-top condition, and take pride in having an intoxicating aroma, we have a group of products that will show off your urbanite style!



mens grooming style


1. Acca Kappa Cedar Eau de Cologne

acca kappa cedar cologne

Acca Kappa Cedar Eau de Cologne is a fresh, masculine fragrance. Combining notes of fresh balsam, cedar and moss, and made with the essential oils of cedar wood, this eau de cologne is an intense and refreshing scent that’s perfect for any man.


2. Kent CP6 Clothes Brush

kent clothes brush

A cashmere care clothes brush, made from mahogany and black and white soft bristle. Suitable for gently removing hair and fluff from cashmere clothes without damaging the material. Keep fabrics free from fibres, fluff, and per hair by using one of Kent's bristle clothes brushes. Choose from a selection of designs for a variety of fabrics including wool, cashmere, and silk, or our double sided design with a choice of two bristle textures.


3. Crown Shaving Co. Shave Cream

crown shaving co shaving cream

Crown Shaving Co. Shave Cream is a rich, luxurious cream made with only the finest ingredients. Gives you a rejuvenating kick-start with a punch of eucalyptus and spearmint, and leaves your skin smooth and silky after a perfect shave. Made with Glycerin, Shea Butter, Spearmint Leaf Oil, White Tea Leaf Extract, White Ginger Extract, Licorice Root Extract, Olive Leaf Extract, Maritime Pine Bark Extract, Pomegranate Extract, Rosemary Leaf Extract, Cocoa Extract, Grape Seed Extract.


4. Anthony Logistics Glycolic Facial Cleanser

Anthony logistics glycolic face wash

Anthony Logistics Glycolic Facial Cleanser is a non-foaming, paraben free Glycolic facial cleanser, containing the perfect amount of Glycolic acid to deep clean skin without stripping away your skin’s natural moisture. Exfoliates to remove dead skin while preventing and clearing breakouts. Helps to lift beard hair prior to shaving for a close, smooth shave.


5. Edwin Jagger Extra Long Double Edge Safety Razor

edwin jagger extra long safety razor black

The Edwin Jagger Black (Long) DE Razor is an update to the DE86bl and by popular demand, benefits from a longer handle. Those with a slightly bigger grip size will be able to perform a more precise shave. These fabulous, much talked about, DE razors are fitted with a precision Edwin Jagger DE blade head, a favourite amongst experienced wet shavers. The closed comb head is expertly engineered and is finished with high quality chrome plate.


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