ManBunHeader2014 was definitely the year of the man bun. After Jared Leto became the face of the trend at the Golden Globes last year, the internet went berserk and initiated a sudden race for every man to grow their hair past their shoulders (or at least long enough for a cheater-bun in the interim). It’s certainly a polarizing look: the general public tends to love or hate the man bun.

Interestingly enough, this isn't a new look. On the contrary, in fact, it’s a look that literally dates back centuries. If you’d like some quick tips on how to care for longer hair, listen up!

Get regular trims! This is likely something you've heard from your girlfriend, but it’s time to adopt this habit for yourself. Regular trims get rid of split ends, which can cause damage all the way up the strand if not taken care of. Getting a trim every 6 weeks will be enough to keep you looking amazing.

Buy the right tools and products. Not all shampoos, conditioners, pomades, etc are created equal, and paying attention to your hair type will be the key to getting the proper products (thick hair, thin hair, colour-treated hair - these all need different shampoo and conditioner). A proper comb will also prove helpful, as cheaper combs and brushes will be more likely to tug and break strands.

If you blow dry your hair, leave it slightly damp. This will prevent over drying, which ultimately damages your hair, leaving it brittle.

Oil up! You know that oil you've been slathering onto your beard? It also works wonders for the hair on your head! The essential oils that are used in the beard formula work just as well strengthening and conditioning your hair. Drop a dime-sized amount into your palms and work into your hair focusing on the ends, as they accumulate the most damage. This only needs to be done once or twice a week. And make sure you don’t over apply - this leaves you looking far greasier than intended. A little oil goes a long, long way!

Skip a wash. Less is definitely more when it comes to washing your hair. While it is widely believed that it is essential to wash your hair every day, you’re actually far better off keeping your washes to a minimum (three times a week is a good guideline, give or take depending on how greasy your hair gets). Your hair starts to clean itself using its natural oils after a few days, which is a lot easier on your strands than shampoo.

A man bun is really the ultimate in low-maintenance hair styles. Despite the widely accepted idea that short hair is easier, we would like to argue to the contrary. Short hair requires constant upkeep and styling to keep it from that awkward growing-out phase. Long hair on men is vastly different than long hair on women, with the most crucial difference being that men have done substantially less damage to their hair than women via teasing, dying, extensions, etc (generally, anyway). Healthy, undamaged hair can dry naturally without the application of heat or product, meaning you can still maintain a “wash-and-go” routine. But the best part about having long hair is obviously the man bun.

Women go crazy for this look. No one can quite put their finger on it, but there’s just something about the no-fuss attitude that goes along with slinging your hair back into a messy bun that women love. It’s easy, it’s sexy and it’s super masculine. What’s not to love?

We want to predict here and now that 2015 will be an even bigger year for this look. Every man that caught a glimpse of Jared Leto’s locks last year and said, “hey, I think that’s the look for me” has now successfully grown their hair so its long enough to sling back.

If your hair grows slower than most, the half-bun has also been seen on many celebrities. That awkward growing-out phase can be particularly painful, so a good way to counteract that is to pile most of your hair on top, leaving whatever is left over to hang below the bun. Another option is a lower-slung bun, which tends to be the most popular look anyway.

This look can be dressed up or down, making it extremely versatile. If you love your man bun by day, but are worried the look doesn't transition to a formal evening, don’t fret. Keep the look slick and groomed, while pairing it with a formal outfit and a no-nonsense attitude. Rock on!

Need some further visuals? Here are some examples of ways to wear this epic style.

When it’s not quite long enough

NotLongEnough (Photo source: Buzzfeed/LeCahier)











LowSlung (Photo source: DailyInbox/Yahoo)










Top Knot

TopKnot (Photo source: TheGuardian/Fashionising)



Formal (Photo source: Sofeminine/ElleCanada)










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