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July 27, 2015

tipsIt's hard work being a first class male specimen, but you shouldn't settle for being anything less! Opening doors, keeping your facial hair under control, never wearing too much cologne: these are just a few of the basic rituals every man should subscribe to if they want to be a true gentleman. Here at MenEssentials, we know what it takes to be a modern day gent, so we're offering some tips to help you get there.





Keep your facial hair in check

We're not suggesting the only way to be a true gentleman is to be clean shaven every day. Everyone has their own personal style, and sticking to yours is crucial. However, if you choose to maintain a particular facial hair style, keep it under control. This means clean it, trim it, and oil up!



Stay true to your own style

Discovering your personal style can be tough, but once you hammer down a signature look, make sure to rock it! Never dress the way others want you to, but make sure you keep yourself looking slick and presentable. Check out our Grooming Guides to find your style!



Open doors

And we don't just mean for women! Holding a door open is a simple way to make someone else's day easier. A true calling card of a modern day gentleman.



Keep it clean

It may seem obvious, but do your best not to skip showers. Sure, life happens and sometimes you don't get the chance to rinse off before jumping into bed. But be aware of how you're smelling on a day to day basis. Speaking of which...



Go easy on the cologne

You don't want to be that guy in the elevator every day. Stick to light, crisp fragrances for daytime, and more musky scents at night. And no, you're not supposed to be able to smell your own cologne after a while, so if you're at a bar and all you smell is your signature scent, you're wearing too much.



You'll be a real life Don Draper in no time!


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