last minute valentines tips gifts ideas best So you forgot about Valentine’s Day or you ran out of time… Fear not! Even though you’ve had plenty of time to prepare (and the fact that it’s the same date every year), it happens to the best of us and we’ve got your back no matter what! We’re here to show you how to #forgetflowers and do something smooth, helping you to make sure you don’t blow it entirely.





-Pick up some fruit, fancy cheese and a nice bottle of wine. Roll out a blanket on the floor and have a living room picnic.

-Make a coupon book! It may seem ultra-cheesy, but trust us: they’ll sure as heck appreciate that “Good For 1 Massage” coupon.

-Make dinner together and then save the dishes for Sunday.

-Plan a day date. Grab coffee and go for a walk, or hit your local outdoor skating rink.

-Have a stay-cation! Plan an evening where you stay in, order dinner, and put your phones away. Devote some quality time to one another! You could even build a fort!

-Arrange a professional cleaning service for the day while you’re out of the house. There’s no better surprise than to come home to a spotless pad, without having to lift a finger.

-And remember, 50 Shades of Grey opens this weekend…

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