How To Shave: Pro Tips for the Best Shave of Your Life

How To Shave: Pro Tips for the Best Shave of Your Life

How to shave tips best shavingIf your shaving routine involves bar soap and a disposable 50-cent razor, we need to talk. Shaving doesn't have to be a dreaded chore - by switching out your grocery store brand razors and shaving cream for a double edge safety razor, luxurious shaving soap, and a refreshing aftershave, you’ll be more inclined to wake up those few minutes earlier. Need a guide for giving yourself the most incredible shave? No problem!





Prep: The preparation of your skin before you begin shaving is essential. There are a number of ways to do this, but no matter which method you choose, your skin needs some love before tackling your facial hair. Exfoliation is key to softening your skin and letting your pores breathe by buffing away dead skin cells. Next, you’ll want to apply a pre-shave oil, pre-shave soap or pre-shave gel/emulsion to soften and lift facial hair, making it easier to slice through. This will reduce irritation and make your shave as easy as possible.

Shave: Now for the main event! Choosing the right razor is crucial, and there are certainly many options, from a wide variety of safety razors, straight razors, cartridge razors, and shavettes. You’ll also want to discover whether you prefer soft shaving creamhard shaving soap, shave oil or shave gel, and whether or not you want to use a shaving brush to create your lather. Apply the lather to your face in a circular motion to lubricate and soften your skin, protecting against irritation. Take your razor of choice and shave in the direction of beard growth, without using too much pressure. First, run your razor with the grain, then across the grain, either directly across or at a slant. Only the final pass will be against the grain.

Post: After you've removed the desired amount of hair from your face, you’ll need to keep your skin soft, smooth and protected. Wet an alum bloc and apply directly to face - they contain antiseptic properties that speed the healing of nicks, cuts and other shaving irritations. Rinse your face with cool water after 30-60 seconds to snap your pores shut and remove excess alum. Apply aftershave to soothe your skin - you can choose between a moisturising balm, or a refreshing splash (keep in mind, aftershave splashes typically require a separate moisturiser). Your post-shave rituals are essential to restoring moisture to your skin and preserving that perfect shave.

And just like that, you've locked down a traditional shaving routine that’s right for you

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