How To Properly Shave Your Head

How To Properly Shave Your Head

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Going bald might just be one of the biggest fears men have when it comes to aging (next to going grey, of course). Here at MenEssentials, we feel your pain, and are here to offer some solid advice as to how to go bald gracefully. It’s important that this process is carried out before you try all the other moderately embarrassing options, such as hair plugs, spray-on hair, or a horrific toupee. Step one of this process is definitely acceptance.

Okay, so now that you have successfully come to terms with the fact that you weren’t destined to have a full head of hair your entire life, let’s begin explaining the proper head shaving process. It’s important to get it right the first time, since giving yourself major razor burn on your scalp is probably not the look you’re going for.

Buzz your head with an electric trimmer using a No. 1 or No. 2 attachment. This gets rid of the hair that may be too long to properly shave using a safety razor. To prevent your post shave ritual from being an hour long floor sweep, make sure you put some towels on the floor to catch the falling hairs.

Take a long, hot shower. This will open the pores of your scalp, making the hair softer and easier to remove. Plus, who doesn’t want to take a long, luxurious shower?

Prepare your scalp by wetting your head and your wash cloth with warm water, and taking the wash cloth and running it over your scalp against the grain of hair growth. Place the wet towel on your scalp and leave for a few minutes. This process lifts the hair making it easier for the razor to grab it.

Wet your scalp and apply shaving cream or soap. Make sure your scalp is evenly coated.

Grab new razor blades and run them under very hot water. Never use old blades that are rusted or clogged. This will prevent irritation and will ensure a smooth, even shave.

Now you can finally start shaving! Make sure you have a mirror handy to help you see what you’re doing, especially on the back of your head. Shave as much hair as you can using a single stroke, as multiple strokes can cause razor burn. Start at the back of your head where your hair is the thickest, moving to areas where the hair is thinner. Remember to take it slowly and never rush this process. No matter who you are, walking around with a scalp covered in nicks, cuts and razor burn is definitely not a good look for anyone.

Run your hands over your scalp to feel for any spots you may have missed.

Make sure to apply an SPF regularly, since your scalp isn’t as used to direct sunlight as other parts of your body. We would imagine a sunburnt scalp isn’t the most comfortable thing in the world, so sunscreen is certainly a good idea.

Exfoliate your scalp twice a week to remove dead skin. This keeps the area clean and smooth, making it easier to shave.

Show off your baldness loud and proud! Confidence is key.



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