How To Choose The Perfect Wallet

How To Choose The Perfect Wallet

how to choose the perfect wallet best

You’d be surprised by how many wallet options are available to you beyond the standard cash fold/card holder design. Depending on your personal style, activity level, and quantity of contents you need to carry around, it’s easier than you think to find a wallet that is perfect for you. If you aren’t satisfied with your current wallet choice, and would like to avoid a George Costanza situation, give this piece a peek.




If you…

-tend to carry cash

-carry anywhere from 6-11 cards

-are of average activity level

-aren’t particularly concerned aesthetic factors

We recommend: a standard size wallet!


If you…

-would consider yourself a minimalist

-want your essentials kept at-the-ready

-don’t want to carry anything more than your credit card and your I.D.

-hate any excessive wallet bulge whatsoever

We recommend: an ultra slim card sleeve wallet!


If you…

-are more concerned with fashion

-wish to maintain a streamlined silhouette

-are able to function with less cash and cards

-have no desire to carry more than is necessary

We recommend: a slim sleeve wallet!


If you…


-are more active than most

-would like a wallet that can go anywhere you do

-like to be sure the contents of your wallet are especially secure

We recommend: a zip-close travel wallet!


If you…

-carry cash, coins, and over 11 cards

-aren’t at all concerned with excess wallet bulge

-keep your receipts, ticket stubs and other notes

-have a bit of a Costanza thing going on

We recommend: a large and durable leather wallet!


When choosing a wallet, it’s important to consider all lifestyle factors to ensure you pick a wallet that is perfect for you. Consider the durability of the material, whether you really like the colour, and if the wallet comes with a warranty. No one wants to switch wallets on a regular basis, so chances are you are using the same one every day. Make sure you’re choosing a wallet you love, and one that matches your lifestyle!


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