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You've finally decided to take the plunge and get yourself a go-to barber. But how do you choose one? Where do you even start? It’s important that you don’t just walk into the first place to see and commit yourself to that barber for life. This person is cutting your hair and maintaining your beard growth situation, so you need to be confident in their abilities. Here’s how you know if your barber is “the one”.




Find a male-focused shop

Men and women’s haircuts are quite different, and require different focus and skill sets. While you can certainly get a quality cut at a salon with a mostly female clientele, it would certainly be advantageous to go somewhere that focuses entirely on men’s cuts and styles.


Pay attention to availability

If a barber shop has a wide open schedule regularly, it doesn't take a genius to figure out that there may be a reason for that. Conversely, if one stylist is cramming in 30 cuts a day, that’s also a bad sign. You don’t want to be trimmed on a conveyor belt, but you don’t want tumbleweeds blowing through the shop, either. Your barber should spend a reasonable amount of time on you to ensure you’re happy with the results.


Atmosphere matters

Every barber shop should be clean, no questions asked, but great shops always go that extra mile to ensure you feel welcome and comfortable. Good music, up-to-date magazines, comfortable seating, etc. A pleasant atmosphere will make for a great overall hair cutting and shaving experience, and will keep you coming back.


Find a barber you can talk to

Your barber needs to be able to answer any questions you might have regarding their process, qualifications, clientele list, etc. They should also be able to tell you if a particular style won’t work with your hair texture/face shape, etc, and likewise you need to feel comfortable telling them if there’s anything you aren't particularly thrilled with. You should be leaving the shop happy and confident with your hair, and your barber should be able to get you there.


Find a barber you can actually talk to

As in, find a barber whose company you actually enjoy! You’re going to be spending some time one on one with this person so if you’re uninterested or unable to talk to them for an extended period of time, your haircuts will become a daunting task. Having a barber with a personality compatible with yours will be a welcome bonus that makes your visits functional and fun


Remember you don’t always get what you pay for

Paying top dollar for your cut or shave doesn't mean you’re necessarily getting your money’s worth. Men’s cuts will typically range anywhere from $20-40 (give or take) - anything drastically less might be indicative of the quality, and anything more suggests you’re paying extra for pointless pampering. While there is no black and white correlation between cost and quality of haircuts (since shops can technically charge whatever they want), use your common sense to discern whether you’re being scammed.


Read reviews

People rarely bother to do this, but you would be surprised by how helpful online reviews can actually be. You’ll need to wade through the inevitable grammatically disastrous reviews, or ones clearly written by someone who has no idea what they’re talking about. You’ll also need to be weary of the over-the-top positive reviews, especially if they are few and far between, since business owners can (and do) ask friends to write something up. But take an overview: anywhere with reviews that seem overwhelmingly positive or negative are probably pretty bang on.


Ask around!

If you see someone with an excellent hair cut or shave, just ask where they had it done and check the place out. Simple!


If your barber gives you the results you’re looking for

That will make this a no-brainer. The number one indication that this should be your go-to barber is when you leave the shop looking and feeling like a million bucks.


Bottom line,

you deserve a quality haircut/shave at a fair price. You should feel taken care of in a clean, comfortable environment, by a barber you can trust.

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