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August 07, 2015

beard wax moustache waxDo you wish your beard and moustache could handle a gravity-defying style? Or do you prefer your unruly beard to lie flat? No matter what facial hair look you’re going for, we have the best beard and moustache wax selection to satisfy you. Check out our picks for Friday Faves if you're looking to try out a new wax.






Fisticuffs Original Mustache Wax


Fisticuff's Grave Before Shave Mustache Wax is all you need to show the world just how much of a mustache aficionado you really are! Rub small amount into fingertips and apply to mustache for gravity-defying style. Comes in a truly awesome vintage slide top metal tin.



Urban Beard Moustache Wax


Urban Beard Moustache Wax provides a firm yet malleable hold to your facial hair so you can sculpt and maintain whatever style you desire! This rich wax also deep conditions as it holds, making this an essential tool for your bearded lifestyle. Helps control shape, relieve frizz and nourishes with organic oils and essential nutrients. Organic, vegan friendly, and naturally scented, so you can rest easy knowing your facial hair is only getting the best care possible.



The Northern Beard Company 'Alert' Wax


The Northern Beard Company Alert Wax provides extra strong, professional grade hold, that won’t leave a greasy feel on your hands or hairs. Made with real bees wax, pure coconut oil, jojoba oil, and lanolin oil. Show that moustache who’s boss!

The Alert scent is named after the Northernmost inhabited city in Canada: Alert, Nunavut. A blend of wintergreen, peppermint and spearmint oils that create a uniquely minty fragrance that gives your moustache the ultimate kickstart.



Penhaligon's Bayolea Moustache Wax


Penhaligon's Bayolea moustache wax is designed to give your moustache extra hold and shine with just a hint of fragrance. Scented with Penhaligon's Bayolea fragrance, a zesty, invigorating scent made from genuine West Indies bay leaves, with refreshing hints of citrus and rich peppery spices. Contains head notes of lemongrass, mandarin and tangerine; heart notes of cardamom, black pepper, neroli and lavender; base notes of cedar wood, sandalwood, musk, moss, patchouli and amber.



Gold-Dachs Hungarian Beard Wax


Gold-Dachs Hungarian Beard Wax brings true history and tradition to your shaving routine - original formula used by artist Salvador Dali himself. This stiff, hardworking formula guarantees your moustache to stay firmly in place all day long. Also effectively works for sculpting beards as well. Lightly scented with a sweet vanilla scent. This long-lasting moustache wax leaves your facial hair looking and feeling healthy and smooth.



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