Best Bar Soaps

Best Bar Soaps

soapbarsKeeping clean in the shower is essential, so it's crucial to find a cleansing bar of soap that smells good, keeps you squeaky clean, and is made using only the finest ingredients. Luckily, MenEssentials has everything you need to lock down the ultimate shower routine. Whether you want soap made from beer, or shaped like a skull, we have what you're looking for. Check out some of these incredible soap bars!





Eiwit Zeep Eggwhite Soap


Belgian Eggwhite and Chamomile Flower Soap are made with pure eggwhites, chamomile and lecithin, and have been used by European women for centuries. Loaded with conditioning, protein-rich natural ingredients that leave your skin soft, clear and glowing. You've never used a soap quite like this before.



Klar's Sea Salt Soap


Klar's Sea Salt Soap is a soft, delicate cleanser infused with plant oils, lanolin, and naturally soothing sea salt. Helps to stimulate cell metabolism and regenerate skin cells, as sea salt tightens body tissue and packs the skin with nourishing minerals. Works effectively to remove makeup. Does not contain any artificial fragrances, colours and preservatives.



Kogi Naturals Blue Beer Soap


Kogi Naturals Blue Beer Soap is mild, yet ultra moisturizing. An all-purpose, protein rich soap bar that is perfect for body, face, and hair - not to mention it's ideal for shaving! Made from a base of Labatt Blue, this soap creates a superbly rich lather leaving you feeling fresh and clean all day.



Acca Kappa White Moss Bar Soap


Acca Kappa White Moss Bar Soap uses the signature White Moss fragrance from Appa Kappa. Made with precious lavender and juniper essential oils, and paste made from the saponification of pure palm and coconut plant oils. The paste is made by melting the shavings and amalgamating the fragrance. The well-amalgamated paste is passed through a mould that shapes the soap and the cakes of soap are then packaged. All Acca Kappa products are made with the environment's preservation and your health in mind, using only top quality raw materials.



Rebel's Refinery Glycerin Skull Soap


Rebel’s Refinery Glycerin Skull Soap is an incredibly slick soap that will keep you clean and refreshed, while looking ultra cool in the process. Each “bar” is actually shaped like a small skull, so you can show dirt and grime who’s boss.



Check out all of our bar soaps here!

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